We are hoping to get away for a trip.

We decided that we would like to get away for a little trip soon. However…I am having some issues with my leg. We also are taking care of Gary’s Mom’s dog. We are hoping he can get to go home soon. He is a sweet dog. But He is going to live with us as of right now. He is a sweet dog.

West Virginia Trip

We took off for our trip to West Virginia with the Yorkie girls with us.

I loved the kitchen in our cabin.

Little Zoey taking a nap in the cabin.

We had a wonderful time. We got to see a small waterfall.

We did see some of the leaves changing colors.

We had a wonderful time and so did the Yorkie girls.

Loved our trip to West Virginia. We had a wonderful time…but it was time to go home.

Until next time…..Cindy

Anniversary Trip to Tennessee

Our Anniversary is on the the first of September… but we left on our trip on September 2nd.

Little miss Zoey getting some sunshine on our trip.

I just had to share the back yard of the cabin…so pretty!!

I just loved the red touches in the kitchen.

Makes me want to put some red touches in my kitchen. We had a wonderful trip…but it is always great to get back home.

Until next time…..Cindy