~Trip to Nashville~

It has been awhile since I posted on my blog. I would love to share my trip to Nashville with all of you. My Granddaughter would like to go to college in Nashville. So my girls, me and my granddaughter went to Nashville to check out Vanderbilt College.  

The pictures I’m sharing are pictures of Downtown Nashville.

Great Ice cream shop…the girls said it was yummy ice cream.

Pretty Foundton…with lots of Country singers names on the stones on the walkway.

Downtown Nashville…

We had a wonderful time. I hope to go back to Nashville sometime in the future.

Until next time…. ~Cindy

~Welcoming Fall~

Welcome Fall…so glad you are here!!


Fall is my favorite time of the year.


I  can’t wait for the leaves to start changing  outside.


We are planning some hiking trips…when the colors change.


Not sure when that might be…it is in the upper 70’s today.


Loving how everything looks in the evening….


…with the soft glow of the candle lights.



Hope everyone is enjoying the start of Fall…wherever you are.

Until next time… Blessings from me to you.  ~Cindy


~More Prairie Style~

I was looking thru my Prairie Style magazines and realized that I already have several décor pieces that are perfect for this decorating style. So I thought I would show you the magazine photo décor and the my version with my décor.

~Magazine photo~ #1


~My version~#1



~Magazine version~#2


~My version~#2



~Magazine version~#3


~My version~#3

I hope to clean the top of this cart up. It has wax on it and was this way when I purchased it. if it doesn’t clean up very good. My husband is going to put some new old pieces of wood on it.


~Magazine version~#4


~My version~#4


~Magazine version~#5


~My Version~#5


I was thrilled that I was able to start getting some Prairie Style without any cost. I will be looking at the huge Flea Market in September for some new old pieces that say Prairie Style.

Hope everyone enjoy seeing the start of my Prairie Style.

Until next time…blessings from me to you…..~Cindy



















~Loving the Prairie Style~

I picked up the newest issue of Prairie Style…and I just realized how much I’m loving the this style. I’ve been getting this magazine for the last 5 years. The first issue I got was Romantic Prairie Style and then Country Sampler took it over and I have 4 issues of the Prairie Style magazine.

So I thought I would share some of the Prairie touches that I’ve added to my home. Loving this little gathering with a rusty funnel on a mason jar…an old tin scoop…and a little mason jar with white flowers.


A favorite find…an old coal bucket that I found while hunting for goodies at the Endless Yard Sale a few years ago. My quilt hanging in our dining room says it will fit in right at home in the Prairie Style.


The rag wreath that my blogging friend, Cheryl, gave me for my birthday is perfect for Prairie Style of decorating.


I think our fireplace has a Prairie Style feel to it…with old windows, mason jars, and old spools of lace and a huge old lantern and white wood bowls.


I love this gathering that is between the living room and dining room…my huge clock with a gold paint and little rusty spots. Down below is a pear made out of metal and old twine…with and old fashion light and some flowers.


And my quilt in the dining room says Prairie Style for sure…but I see some farmhouse touches too.


I think that I have found my decorating style that I want in my home.

Until next time…. blessings from me to you. ~Cindy

~Malking Dolls with Scarves~

Back in February…I made a doll for my blogging friend, Cheryl, for her birthday. I loved this pretty dark brown scarf that I used for her dress.



Then this month…my friend, Linda, had her birthday and I decided to make her a doll too. I used a peach scarf with black strips.


Here is a close up of her little sewing goodies that are on the doll’s dress.


Well…after making those two dolls. I decided to do a makeover on the angel doll that hangs in our dining room.


She had a cream colored dress when I got her and it is still on her. I just added the long brown scarf on her and also added a sweet pinafore and a vintage pin. So if I change my mind…I just have to take the scarf off and she is back to the cream dress.


Hoping to blog more often…now that I’m retired from doing shows. I had a yard sale last weekend…trying to get rid of left over stuff from all the shows that I did. Sadly…we only had a few people stop by our yard sale. So most of it went to the Goodwill. My niece and her husband are just starting to do shows…so we gave them our indoor booth and a friend of my daughter’s is buying our tent, because he wants to do some outdoor shows.

Now I’m looking forward to the next chapter of my life…whatever it might be.

Until next time…. blessings from me to you. ~Cindy





~Easton Railway~

Last weekend…we went to one of our favorite shopping placing in Columbus and they had a train display in the shade of the trees.

At first…we saw two small blue trains.


Than came two more longer trains.


Then all three trains caught up with each other…so I was able to get all of them in one photo.


I have always loved trains. I can still remember the train that my dad put under the Christmas tree every year and he recently gave one to my little grandson to put under their tree.

Also wanted to share with you what greeted me when I went outside the other day. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one like this butterfly before. Does anyone know what kind it is?


Until next time….. Blessings from me to you, ~Cindy

~Wanting More White in the Living Room~

Before our trip to Tennessee…my sister and I went out junking to a few of our favorite junk/thrift shops. Right when I walked into the store…I saw this beautiful large white pitcher and it said it had to come home with me. Cost $5.00…someone made it and it was signed on the bottom.


I have it displayed on a stand by the front door and it looks very  pretty in the evening with the lights in it.


I’m still working on things in the living room.


My little Yorkie, Chloe…loves the old cart. When I can’t find her, I now know to look under the cart. I think she thinks that she is hiding…but it seems to be her favorite place right now.


I’m still working on changing some things out in our living room. I really want more white in our living room. So I’ll be trying to work on that over the summer. Hope to find some white goodies at the Endless Yard Sale.


I loved the white pitchers on the tavern shelf…but my hubby put up a shelf in the kitchen for my white pitcher collection and they looks great in there.

I also really like the white quilt and the white farm sign in my dining room.


Think I’ll go thru some of my magazines and favorite blogs to get some white ideas for my living room.

Until next time…..blessings from me to you. ~Cindy