~Need To be Working In My Studio~

I really wanted to work in my studio today and do some machine embroidery…but it has been raining here and I can hear thunder rolling in from the distance. I won’t turn on my sewing machine or my embroidery machine if it is storming…even though we have them protected with surge protectors. So I thought that I would take you on a tour of my studio instead…

It is my place to do some creating with scissors and thread…


Or some painting….


Near my sewing machine is my scissor collection…some are vintage and some are new.


Love the tiny vintage basket that hangs near the scissor collection. It has old spools and old buttons, a vintage pair of scissors, a piece of vintage lace, and an old piece of a quilt tucked into the tiny basket.


On the wall around the corner is where my toy sewing machine collection is…


On the other corner wall is another toy sewing machine, but this one is not vintage. I have several old spools displayed with this sewing machine…I found all the old spools at the huge flea market that is here in town in May and September. My good friend, Linda, made the stitchery that is hanging from the peg rack for my birthday a few years ago.


So when I am working at my embroidery machine…this is what I see….


On the other wall across the room…is this old cedar cupboard that my sister gave to me many years ago with 2 vintage Singer sewing machines on the top that have curved wood covers and more of my spool collection. The cupboard has fabric, thread, baby blankets, and kitchen towels in it…that are just waiting to be embroidered for customer orders and for my shows that will be coming up in September, October, and November.


This space was first decorated back in the days when country decorating style was the big in thing and I’m so wanting to make some changes in this room. I’m really wanting to bring some white into my creative space…so the plan is to paint the 3 shelves in this room white and making some white curtains. Also have a wood cutting table that will be painted white too…but I don’t think that I can bring myself to paint this old cupboard white.



Thinking that on the Spring days that it storms…those days will be great ones to work on a makeover in my studio!! I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.

Until next time…….      blessings from me to you, Cindy










~More Spring Decor~

Finally feels like Spring here…it got up to 70 degrees today. We are expecting rain here for the next couple of days, but that is okay with me…because April showers bring May flowers.


Shhh….don’t tell anyone, but I had my birthday on last Friday and I still can’t believe that I turned 55 years old. How fast the years go by!! I had a good birthday…my best friend that I’ve had since we were 10 years old has been back in town visiting and I got to spend my birthday with her. But now I’m getting sad…she heads back to Florida this Saturday.

I know that many of us have made wonderful blogging friends and have gotten to meet them. I have been blessed to have met 6 blogging friends in person…3 of them do shows like I do, but they all live up north in the state and I live down south about 3 hours away. Love the show they do up there and I try to go to it as often as I can…and I always find great goodies that just have to come home with me. LOL…

Love all my blogging friends, but have become kindred spirits with one special blogging friend, Cheryl. We are always playing Word Game, chatting thru text, and emailing each other…and I really love it when I get to see her in person at her shows. She sent some Spring goodies to me for my birthday that I just had to share with all of you. Isn’t this little bunny in the nest on this ironstone white plate just the cutest thing!! I love, love, love it…so adorable!!


Cheryl also sent me this white ironstone pitcher with some Spring colored pip-berries and the sweet fabric Easter egg that she made. I thought this egg was the perfect thing for my vintage teddy bear to hold. The little white bear was given to me by my grandmother when my youngest daughter was born over 27 years ago…and it is very special to me.


Thank you, Cheryl, for the awesome birthday gifts!! Thinking this little bunny will be sitting out thru Summer time.


Hope everyone is having a great week.

blessing from me to you…….      Cindy






~Spring Touches…Bunnies and Birds~

Even though it didn’t feel like Spring today…(we got some snow) I put out some bunnies & birds for Springtime and Easter.

The bird nest was a gift from a blogging friend…and I love it!!


I’ve had this bunny for several years…she was made by a close friend of mine. I found the burlap eggs with cream trim at JoAnn Fabrics yesterday and I love how they look in this basket.


Back at Christmas…I showed some vintage ornaments that were made by my mother-in-law’s friend, Elsie. She also made some pretty vintage eggs for me too.


Back in the 80′s…I made a lot of painted pieces for my shows and I kept this one little tiny bunny all these years. I made the pattern for it and my hubby cut it out for me. I can’t remember how many of these tiny bunnies that I painted and sold at my Spring shows…but it was a lot of them!!


Added some bird nests to the bookshelves….


…and a small bird in a nest on another shelf.


More birds and tiny bird nests on the console by the front room window.


It seemed kind of strange to be putting out Spring and Easter decor…when this is what I was seeing outside.


Well…at least, it is Springtime inside my home.


Until next time…….         blessings from me to you, Cindy



~Thrift Shop Finds~

It is a rainy day here today, but yesterday was a very nice day…so my sister and I went out to lunch, stopped by our favorite little shop and then did some thrifting.

I found a few things…picked up two soft pink glass domes to turn into cloches for on top of old vintage plates.  They will have little birds nest on the plates when I get them finished.


I also found an old vintage plate with a pears on it.


I have it displayed with my Grandmother’s pear collection that I have.


Also picked up a brand new Vera Bradley purse with the tags still on it at our local GW…this is the second one that I have found there in the last few months.

After getting home from my outing with my sister…my daughter surprised me with this little plate.


Turns out that she stopped by the GW on her way home from work. She thought that this little plate would look good in the cupboard in the dining room with all the white pitchers that I have.


Yep……I agree with her…it looks great with my white pitcher collection.

It was so wonderful to get out and about with my sister. We hadn’t been out thrifting in so long, because of all the snow that we had this winter. I’m so glad to welcome Spring…the robins are back, my purple crocuses are up in my front flower beds, and the squirrels are playing in my backyard. Oh yes…..Welcome Back Spring…I have missed you!!

Until next time…….         blessings, Cindy




~Touches Of Spring~

If felt like Spring here yesterday…69 degrees. So I decided to put some touches of Spring out in the living room.

I pick up this reproduction grain scoop at my favorite shop this past week and love the farmhouse feel it has. Added an old oil funnel jar and  little mason jar with some tiny white flowers to this vignette.


Also picked up some flowers while at my favorite shop. I put them in an old rusty spring and then displayed them in this old wood box I found on one of my junk/thrifting trips.


Of course, I couldn’t stop there…so I put out some feathered friends and a tiny tin bucket of flowers with a couple of stars too.


This Spring Gathering is on the mantel of our corner fireplace.


I have an update from my last post…

Remember that I ask if I should keep the one bandbox red or paint it white.

BB (2)

Well…..I’m still trying to figure out whether to paint it white or not…I decided to add a farmhouse touch to it until I make up my mind, but I’m really liking how it looks right now.


I really do love white, but I also love pops of red.



Joining Jann’s…Share Your Cup Thursday #94…over at “Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson”. Just click on the link below to go over and check out the party or to join in on the fun.


Until next time……..         blessings, Cindy


~Loving Me Some Whites~

I have been wanting more white in my decor for a while now and for some reason was just very nervous about picking up the paint brush. Well…I finely did it and started painting some pieces white.

I’ve had these 2 wood bowls for several years…pick them up for next to nothing when a local little prim shop closed.


Well…they just were not fitting in with the farmhouse style that I’m wanting in my home. So they got a makeover and I just love how these bowls turned out. Painted them white and then distressed them with a little gel stain and some sanding.


Also painted this wood plate…it was a light orange, but I forgot to take a before photo of it.


This wooden bowl with a handle also got painted white…it was dark brown before I painted and distressed it.


Couldn’t stop there…so I painted this little box white too.


A few months ago, I painted these bandboxes…one white and the other one red. Now I’m wondering if I should paint the red one white…

BB (2)

…but I do have some touches of red in the living room.

Just ignore the blanket on the back of the sofa…I keep that there for the Yorkie girls to sleep on.


But I’m just wondering if it would look better if both of the bandboxes were white. Hmmm…what do you think?

My next big project is to paint the huge wood trunk white that we use as the coffee table in front of the sofa.

Until next time…….       farmhouse blessings, Cindy






~Been Crafting Some New Creations~

My shows are still many months away, but I’ve been doing some creating…trying to figure out what I want to make for my shows this year. Here recently…I’m really liking a vintage feel to my crafting. It all started when I put the vintage snowmen on old saucers with snowballs for my Christmas show. Ever since then…I’ve been picking up vintage saucers and old silver pieces when out thrifting to put my creations on.

So I made some pincushions with bird’s nest on them…


then I glued it to a vintage saucer…added a painted fabric bird and a little shredded paper for the nest. And off this little birdie flew to a blogging friend for her birthday, but I will be making more of these for my upcoming shows this Fall.


Also going to do some other critters with pincushions like this little bear that is sitting on a vintage silver tray with a mouse pincushion. Not sure, but this one just might be staying here with me.


Love how the sun was peeking in when I took this photo. I’m going to enjoyed this sunny day…because we have another winter storm coming our way this weekend into Monday.

So if you can’t find me this weekend…I will be in my sewing/craft room playing.


Until next time…….          blessings from me to you, Cindy



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