~Made Myself an Embroidery Clipboard~

I saw a metal chipboard on an embroidery site with a embroidered saying clipped on it. That got me to thinking that I could make my own. So I looked in my stash and I did have everything that I would need to make one for myself.

Glue, paint, stain, paint brushes…


…and a pretty metal flower that I painted and glued to a metal clip.


Next…I painted a wood candle stick and a tiny wood pitcher…which I turned upside down and then glued them together.


Then I painted the board.


My next step was to give it an aged look…and then I glued the flower clip on.


Also antiqued the candlestick.


I let everything dry for awhile…which was the hard part for me, because I was so wanting to finish it up. I even stained the string that was on the board.


So after it was all dried…I put it all together and I loved how it turned out.


Now I just need to put an embroidery piece on it or a photo. I just purchased some embroidery designs with saying such has…Hope, Dream, Love, Pray…etc… Now I just need to get into my sewing/craft room to stitch them out. Might put a photo on it for now…until I can get back into my room to stitch out all the little saying that I just purchased from Embroidery Library. Nope…didn’t break the bank…the designs were only $1.00 each!!

Until next time…..      Blessings from me to you…~Cindy

~A Little Bit of This and That~

As I’m sitting here writing this blog post…I am looking out the window to a pretty sunny day, but a very cold day. It is 18 degrees and we are expecting more snow tomorrow.


I’m thinking it will be a good day tomorrow to snuggle with the Yorkie girls…

BS-11…and read a book.


Yes…I am a big fan of Nicholas Sparks.


I might even look thru some of my decorating books and magazines.


Maybe I’ll dream about going somewhere warm until Winter is over…


…but most likely, I will be in my sewing/crafting room making some curtains for the big window in there. I do have blinds up, but I’ve been wanting to make curtains for my work room for a long time. I think that tomorrows snowy day is the perfect day to make them, because I’m not going anywhere with snow coming.


Until next time…. Hugs and Blessings from me to you, ~Cindy



~We Finally Got Some Snow~

Woke up this morning to snow on the ground. It was about time that Winter made an appearance. We have had very cold weather here, but no snow until today.


Since it has been so cold outside…I’ve been mostly staying at home and have been working on some projects.

Embroidered this design on a blanket for my daughter and son-in-law.


Made this Owl Tote Bag for a friend of mine.


I also made some Flower Spoons.


I hope to find a small mason jar to put them into…but for now, they are in this old wooden scoop with the tiny white bear that my grandmother gave to me many years ago.


I have this basket with some yarn…just waiting for me to make something out of it on a cold winters day.

YCB-1aWell…I will end this post with a wonderful gift that was given to me by a friend of mine. Isn’t she a beauty!! We believe that it is from around the 1890’s.


I have it displayed up in my sewing/craft room.


I have a few more projects that I would like to get done…so I’ll be back to share those soon.

Hugs and Blessings….from me to you.  ~Cindy






~Changes In the New Year~

Christmas is over and all the pretty decorations are put away for another year. So it is back to working on the remodeling of our living room/dining room area. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes…still have some wallpaper border to get off the walls and some painting to do.

I got this arrow peg rack from Hobby Lobby and it was the perfect piece to finished this gathering on the short wall in our living room.


We had very warm temperatures for Christmas, but we finally got some snow overnight. So I’m thinking about turning the corner fireplace on…since we have a chilly day here.


I also have my cozy quilts out…these two are hanging on the quilt rack and the old ladder, but there are several folded up in a cubby that are easy to get to on a cold day to keep us warm.


The Yorkie girls sure like snuggling in the quilt and blankets.


Until next time….. blessings from me to you.








~Merry Christmas~

I’ve been away from my blog…it has been busy around the homestead. We took all of the carpet up in our living room and dining room. Good news…that the hardwood floors are in really good condition and they cleaned up really good. We only have a couple of places that need refinishing.  We got a new area rug for the living room and some smaller rugs at the front and back doors and another rug at the bottom of the stairs in the living room.

Thought I would share my Christmas décor before things get real busy around here. I just finished up with all of my Christmas shopping. Still need to wrap a few things and this weekend…I will be making Christmas cookies and candy.

Hope you enjoy seeing Christmas at my house…

Until next time…

Blessings from me to you. ~Cindy


~Still here…Just a lot going on~

It has been awhile since I posted to my blog…just a lot of things going on. My mom was in the hospital…her blood pressure keeps going up way too high and no medicine seems to be helping with lowering it. So my dad and mom wasn’t able to get together with us for Thanksgiving this year, so we took dinner to them.

My brother wasn’t able to be with us either, so we took him food too. He has a bulging disk in his back and is in a lot of pain. He can’t get in to see a specialist until sometime in January. I feel so bad for him.

On top of that going on…we’ve been working in our living room/ dining room, taking up the old carpet.


There are hardwood floors underneath the carpet and it seems to be in good shape except a couple of places. Which I think we can take care of.


We also took down some wallpaper border that had been up for several years and the walls looked like this after taking it down.


So we had to repaint the walls and I still don’t have all of that done yet.


Now I’ll share what we did get done.

The corner fireplace is done…


The TV wall is done…


The clock wall is done…it is between the living room and dining room.


The rest of the carpet will be up tomorrow, but I won’t get to the rest of the painting until after Christmas. Lucky for us…we painted the walls the same color as before.

I hope to get my Christmas tree up tomorrow…so I’ll be back soon to share my Christmas decorating.

Until next time….

Blessings from me to you. ~Cindy



~Covered Bridge Tour~

While my hubby was still on vacation…we decided to do a Covered Bridge driving tour here in Ohio. I’m just going to let the bridges speak for themselves.

Bridge #1…


Bridge #2…


Bridge #3…


Bridge #4…


Bridge #5…


Bridge #6…


Bridge #7…


Bridge #8…


Bridge #9…


Bridge #10…


Bridge #11…


Bridge #12…


Bridge #13…


Bridge #14…


I also took a couple of photos of the inside of two bridges.



It was such a pretty day when we were out traveling in the countryside to see these old bridges. Hope you enjoy tagging along on our Covered Bridge Tour.

Until next time…Blessing from me to you, ~Cindy


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