~Decorating for Fall~

It was a cool rainy day here today…so I decided to do some Fall decorating.


This is the console table that sits in front of a huge picture window. Can you see the cute little orange chenille pumpkins that I got at the show I was at this past Saturday?


To the left of the big picture window…is our corner fireplace. I decorated it with some pumpkins that I made several years ago for shows and I just had to keep some of them for myself since I loved how they turned out.


This next picture is near our front door…the white pumpkin in the “Storage” basket is from my blogging friend, Gina, and the little orange pumpkin is one I made out of some burlap fabric.


Now over to the other side of the living room. The little white bear that is holding a pumpkin mini pillow was given to me by my Grandma…34 years ago when my oldest daughter was born and it is very special to me. Also have some faux ears of corn tucked in the basket.


In this next picture is a very special little mouse…that my blogging friend, Cheryl, made for me a few years ago and he is the only mouse that is allow in my house!! LOL…


I did put a little touch of Fall into my dining room. I put a darker quilt on the old ladder and added a couple of Fall towels to it.


Now I waiting for the Fall color to show up outside.


This is a photo that I took last year, while hiking in the park near where we live and I can’t wait to go there again to see the Fall colors.

Until next time….    blessings from me to you, ~Cindy

~Making Jewelry and A Makeover~

I’ve been working on some jewelry pieces for my 2 upcoming shows and thought I would share a few of the necklaces with you.


I can’t believe that I got everything made 11 days before my 2 upcoming shows. This is a first for me…and it is a good feeling.


Also wanted to share with you a makeover that we did…

My hubby made this cedar chest for me when we were first married 36 years ago.


We decided it was time for it to get a makeover. My husband sanded it down, restrained it, and then I painted it with white chalk paint.


We also put it on wheels…which is really helpful for when we need to move it. I just love how it turned out.


I’ll be back soon to share my Fall décor that I’ve been wanting to put out.

Until next time…..   blessings from me to you, ~Cindy

~I Just Needed To Take A Break For A Little While…But I’m Back Now~

Why is it that things come in three’s? In just a few months apart…we have been to three funeral’s. I had an aunt pass away and then my husband had an aunt that passed away. Then on September 1st, when we were going to celebrate our 36th wedding anniversary…I got a call that one of my best friend’s that I’ve known for 20 years passed away. My heart was broken when I got the news and I just needed to take a break for a little while. Even though I’m sad…I know that my friend is not in pain anymore and I’m sure she is singing with the angels in Heaven.

I have a Fall show coming up at the end of the month…so I worked on some things today. Made some crocheted flower pins with buttons and old jewelry pieces.


I made them to go on some tote-bags and I really like how they turned out.


I like them so much…that I decided to keep this one in the photo below for myself.


And I’m planning on carrying it to the huge Flea Market on next Saturday at the Fairgrounds. Going to put any small goodies in it that I might find.


Until next time….     Blessings from me to you…~Cindy

~The Hills Of Tennessee~

We got news late last week…that my mother-in-law’s sister passed away.(my husband’s aunt) So we headed off very early with family to Tennessee on this past Saturday morning for the funeral.


As we got into the Smokey Mountains…..


…they were living up to their name.


It was the smokiest that I have seen the Tennessee Hills in several years.


It was such a beautiful drive down and also on the way home.


Aunt Alice lived out in the hills in a very pretty area and was buried in a family cemetery right down the country road from her home.


It was good to see all the family that came to celebrate Aunt Alice’s life…but it sure was very hard to say goodbye to her. I just know that she is singing with the angels!!

Until next time……    Blessings from me to you…~Cindy



~Some Changes in the Living Room and Kitchen~

I made some changes in my living room…this is what the corner fireplace mantel looked liked a couple of days ago.


It looks a lot different now…after I went into my favorite shop a few days ago and found this huge lantern.


I really like how it looks now…gives me the country farmhouse feel that I’ve been wanting for awhile now.

I also decided to put my collection of white ironstone pitchers all in one place…so I put them on the tavern shelf in the living room that my hubby made for me many years ago.


Just ignore that wallpaper border…I have most of it off the walls, but there is still a little bit in the living room that I still need to take down. I’ve been taking my time getting it off the walls…since I have back problems. I don’t want to over do it and hurt my back again.

I also put a few of the ironstone creamers on the metal rack in our kitchen.


Loving the farmhouse touches in the kitchen too.


Blessing from me to you….   ~Cindy





~Endless Yard Sale 2015~

On Day 1 of the Endless Yard Sale…it poured down rain, so we went to an indoor Antique Mall and there was lots of great old goodies to check out there, but I didn’t find any treasures to come home with me.


On Day 2 of the Endless Yard Sale…we had great weather and headed north up on 127 and we always stop in this little town, but I didn’t find any treasures there this year either.


We made it up north as far as the lake in St. Mary’s, Ohio. It was a beautiful day for junkin’…even though I didn’t find any treasures to come home with me.


On day 3 of the Endless Yard Sale…we headed south to Cincinnati on the highway and then got off on 127 and went junkin’ all the way back up towards home.

The next place we stopped at was one of my favorite stops we made. Just look at those awesome old Coke Cola machines…and that cute little toy tractor sewing machine.


I’m thinking that I would like to have one of these cute little sewing machine tractors. I have a couple of really old black sewing machines that are not in the greatest shape…so they might be perfect for a sewing machine tractor.


I don’t think I’ve ever seen Coke Cola glass jugs like these before.


I didn’t find anything until the last stop we made at the end of the day…


…and this old tin bucket just spoke to me, so it came home with me. I love that it has wheels and I think that it will be a great piece to give me that farmhouse feel that I’m wanting in my decor.  I’m thinking about putting it in the living room and putting magazines in the bucket.


We had a great time this year on 127…doing the Endless Yard Sale. Can’t wait until we do it again next year.

Until next time…..     Blessing from me to you, ~Cindy

~Been Working In My Sewing/Craft Room~

I’ve been busy this past week…working on an embroidery job. I embroidered this logo on a lab coat for a girl that has Lob Eared Rabbits.


I thought while I was in here working…that I would give you a tour of my sewing/craft room.

This old chest-of-drawers is the first thing you will see as you enter the room. I have my pincushion collection on top of the chest and I have a button collection on the self above it…plus other sewing goodies.


On the next wall…you will see the old cedar cupboard that my sister gave to me. It holds my patterns, some fabric, and baby blankets and table runners that are waiting to be embroidered on for my shows or custom orders.


Next to this cupboard is a big window that brings a lot of light into the room…then a small closet that holds more fabric and supplies. Now that brings us around to where my professional embroidery machine is.


Now we are heading over to the next wall where my long counter is and I’m not showing a picture of it…because my work area is a mess at the moment…LOL… My sewing machine and serger sit on the counter and at the end of the counter is my scissor collection. I also have cabinets above the counter that also holds supplies and sewing books.


We are now to the end of the tour of my sewing/craft room…hope you enjoyed the visit.

I have a show coming up at the end of September and another show in October, so if you can’t find me between now and then…I’ll be in there making jewelry and putting embroidery on burlap table runners and dish towels.

Until next time…..

Blessings from me to you….   ~Cindy



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