~More Snow and Jewelry Making~

We had some more snow here recently… about 6 inches and it has been bitter cold with wind chills way below zero!


A bunch of little birds live in this bush in front of the Evergreen tree. Their bird bath is covered in snow…


and so is the birdhouse. Bet they are wishing for Spring as much as I am.


With all this snow…I’ve been staying home and having lots of blanket time with my little Yorkie girls…Chloe and Zoey.


I’ve also done a little jewelry making…


The background piece is crocheted. I really like how this necklace turned out…and plan to make a few more of them in different colors.


I’ve also been working on some crocheted flower pins and will share pics of them soon.

If it is cold and/or snowy where you live…I hope that you are staying warm.


Until next time…….

Blessings from me to you…       ~Cindy





~More Farmhouse Touches~

Since it has been so cold with wind chills below zero…I’ve been staying home and doing some rearranging in the living room and adding some more farmhouse touches in there.

Old oil can…old tin scoop…and a little mason jar with tiny white flowers.


Added some berries in an old basket on a shelf with my Ohio sign. Can’t decide if the birds are staying there or not.


Also got some new lamps to give me the look I’m wanting…and this one just says Farmhouse to me.


These next two lamps came from Pottery Barn…one on either side of our sofa. Decorated this side with a small dress form, a pear made out of twine, and a spool of thread. One side more feminine…


And decorated this side with vintage binoculars, an old glass piece, a candle warmer and our weather monitor. One side more masculine…


We are planning on getting a new sofa in the Spring…can’t wait to see what is out there that will give me more of a farmhouse style with the sofa.

Until next time…..         Blessings from me to you, ~Cindy


~A Birthday Party for a little Super Hero~

My little grandson had his birthday party this past Saturday.


He turned 5 years old and it is so hard to believe that he will go to kindergarten this coming Fall.

The theme of his party this year was Super Mario.


Before I share more pictures of the party…I want to show you what my daughter got me from a gentleman that makes these and sells them on Etsy.


It was perfect for me to use while making Peyton’s birthday cupcakes.


This next picture is the inspiration for the birthday cake that I made.

PPC-2 *photo from Pinterest*

Here is the cake that I made…


Just ignore the stuff in the past-thru to the kitchen…we had that all cleaned up before the guest got to the party.


The cake was so large that I couldn’t get a picture with both the cupcakes and cake into one photo.


Peyton had a great birthday with lots of his family and friends…but he got a little shy when we sang “Happy Birthday” to him.


Until next time….

blessings from me to you….        ~Cindy






~A Few Changes~

I’ve been wanting more of a farmhouse style to my home. So I did a little change on this wall in my living room…


Took out the two floral pitchers in the photo above and replace them with white pitchers. They look much better and I also put softer colored little heart pillows in the candle box with the white bird…but not sure if it is staying like that.


I’ve been going thru things and trying to decide what I really want to keep and what to let go of. I took a huge bag and a box full of stuff to the Goodwill…and I’m sure that more will be going there soon.

I’ll have lots of time to do some redecorating this weekend. We got a little snow yesterday…but the big storm is heading our way for Sunday into Monday with 4 to 7 inches of snow and some areas might get even more than that.

photo (13)

I’ll be back soon to share more changes as I work on getting the farmhouse style that I want in my home.


Until next time….

Farmhouse blessings from me to you….     ~Cindy





~A Love For Blue Ball Mason Jars~

Thought I would share with you today my love of Blue Ball Mason jars that I have displayed in my home.


I have some displayed in my kitchen on the counters…

K-3 (3)

Yep…the little lights are tiny mason jars.


Also…have a sign in my kitchen with blue mason jars that light up. I love how it looks lite up at night.


Now…we are off to the dining room. I have a mason jar chandelier that I got from Lowes. It came with clear mason jars…

D-1 (2)

…and I changed them out for blue mason jars.


Also have a small blue mason jar on a shelf in the dining room.


Now…we are into the living room and I have another small blue mason jar picture that lights up.


Also have a little mason jar with a spool of lace inside of it…out on display.


Then across the living room on our corner fireplace…I have a mason jar with an old rusty funnel on it and a tiny mason jar with little white flowers in it.


And lastly…you might remember that I made mason jar necklaces to sell at my shows.


They were a hit and I still have a few left over for this year’s shows.


Hope you enjoyed seeing my collection of Blue Ball Mason jars.

Until next time……

blessings from me to you…..     ~Cindy












~Been Mostly Staying At Home~

Winter is here for sure…we got 6 inches of snow last week.


We took a quick trip up to my in-laws this past Sunday, since the roads were finally cleared of the snow and before the freezing rain came in.

The snow was great for the skiers at Mad River Mountain…even thou the wind chill was -25 degrees…we could see some skiers coming down the mountain!!


This was our back yard one night with the moon peaking thru the trees and all the snow on the ground.


Since all the snow and freezing rain made me stay at home…I did a little jewelry making and I love my new bracelet.


Working on a few other things that I will share on my next post.

Until next time…..

blessing from me to you…..    ~Cindy




~Welcome Winter~

Christmas has all been put away for another year, but I have decided to ~Welcome Winter~ instead.

A few snowmen waiting for winter to get here too. The little snowmen in the baby shoe was a Christmas gift from a blogging friend. (Thanks so much, Cheryl…I love them. They are as cute as can be!!)


Sound like Winter is finally going to get here tomorrow with freezing rain for most of the day. If I only had a pair of ice skates…maybe I could go outside…Not!!


Oh…how I wish that it would be all snow instead. Thinking tomorrow is a good day to stay at home and maybe watch a movie or read a book.


I just had to share this pretty white flower that I got for Christmas. It is made of wood and the center piece is rusty metal with little jewels. I just love it!!


Hope everyone stays safe if you are expecting the freezing rain where you live too.

Until next time……

Blessings from me to you…..  ~Cindy




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