~Starting on a new Journey~

After a lot of soul searching…I’ve made a decision about my blog and what I’m creating for my shows. It’s time for me to start over on a new journey.  Why you ask?…because my decorating and crafting styles have changed. I’m loving the romantic prairie and romantic country styles and a little farmhouse cottage too…it is just more me.

As many of you already know, I have been adding more vintage and cottagey touches to my home for the last year or so. I still love old things…as thrifting and junking are my favorite things to do. Just give me anything old, a little bit rusty or weathered, chippy, and white…and I’m a happy girl.

I’m so loving the new necklaces that I’ve been making…

and I’m wanting to make my other creations to match more with that vintage kind of style. So there will be lots of new goodies in my booth this year at my shows.

I know that I might lose followers, but I feel like I need to follow my heart and make this change. I’m nervous about this change and excited all at the same time. I hope that my old friends will still come to visit me and am looking forward to meeting new friends too.

We will be working in the kitchen for the next 5 days. Mr D. took some time off…so that we could get a lot more done in there. Should have another update to share soon.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. Until next time…….       blessings, Cindy


18 responses to “~Starting on a new Journey~

  • Tracy | Screaming Sardine

    I’m loving vintage more and more, too. I’ll still read your blog. In fact, it’s one of the few that I receive via email.

    Have a great weekend, and have fun with your remodeling!


  • Tonya

    Hi Cindy.. I think we all like to make changes from time to time..but it doesn’t change who we are.. I’ll still be around checking up on you..cause it like you your creations are just an extention of you what ever your style is…
    Love the necklaces so cute!

    Have fun working on the Kitchen..hope you get lots done so you can share a whole post on the Kitcen update..

    Have a good weekend! Stay cool if you can…!


  • Donna

    Hi Cynthia…like you my tastes have gone in the same direction…with a touch of prim mixed in…it works…you’ll like the direction you’re taking…its a lot softer decor…don’t forget to post some pictures of the changes…


  • Amy

    I like a mix too.I’m drawn to whatever I fall in love with.So I guess my decor is prim,colonial,prairie,farmhouse,and a little romantic cottage thrown in.Go with what you love.I think you are a sweetie so you won’t lose me as a follower and friend!~Amy

  • Cheryl

    You already know how I feel about it.
    Just wanted to stop in and and say it again…….I love the changes in your decor and crafting. I am changing a little myself.

  • Carrie Proulx

    Love your white pitchers, I love finding them too! You have to please yourself and follow your inspiration, I did some catching up on your kitchen too, very exciting! Happy 4th!

  • earlene

    Cindy I would never stop following you because you changed your style!
    I love looking at the things you make.
    And your a friend!

  • Cyndy Weeks

    I have to say, I love your new things. It seems like more and more are getting away from the real primitive look, mine have changed too, I love the more whimsical touches now. You have to do what you enjoy!

  • lifeonbuttermilkhill

    Hi Cindy! You know, the last time you posted, I almost asked you why you don’t switch over to your jewelry. It is gorgeous and you have a great talent in making it!! As far as decorating–the point is to decorate to your personal style–what YOU love!! I love all styles and enjoy seeing all styles.
    I think your changes will be great, and I think your necklaces will be a sellout at your shows–they are that unique!!–blessings, Jan

  • Holly

    Can’t wait to see more of your new style! You’re not losing this follower! ha!

  • christina

    I don’t think decorating should be so rigid. We are emotional creatures and I thik it shows in our taste what our heart yearns for. Our homes are where we are relaxed and safe and feel serene so decorate how you like and have fun with it. Don’t worry about losing followers, I gurantee you won’t lose friends! Lovely necklaces!

  • Eve

    I am in the same process too. Changing a little bit, but things that I really love will be with me like crocks, yellow ware, redware and others. I am painting some furniture in lighter colors too. I am sure that you will not lose friends. Take care,

  • Lavender Dreams

    I think you have the right idea and I know I will enjoy seeing how you decorate your new kitchen. I was trying to be more nautical and beachy here in Florida but then I find vintage country stuff and end up with chickens on my refrigerator! heehee! I love your jewelry. I’m getting compliments on my necklace…I wear it all the time! I’d like to see some of these listed in your shop! A girl can never have too much jewelry! lol Happy weekend…don’t work too hard!

  • linda

    Cindy, I will always follow your blog. Everything you make is always done so well and your talents are many.

  • Carol

    I’m with you Cindy 🙂 I love those styles too moreso than the primitive.I don’t think you’ll lose your followers. You’re too sweet a gal 🙂
    Stay cool in this heat.

  • Cindy

    Well, ya know I’m excited for you! What fun! Good luck on this new path!

  • lindanuts

    Your necklaces are gorgeous! I do agree with you. I have always been an eclectic mix of styles and it has always been what suits me best. I started collecting antiques before I knew what they were. They were just part of my history and my family’s history. I have always searched the dumps and sales. I love finding beauty where one would least expect it. And now all those things I have gathered up are worth lots of money. When I am old enough to go to the nursing home, I will have plenty of things to sell to support myself. LOL
    Seriously, I don’t think people love ya for your love of any style. I think they love ya because you are sweet and kind and talented. Women just love all kinds of things. Gals should never pigeonhole themselves but branch out and explore life altogether!!

  • Rondell

    Hi Cindy! I’m so happy for you, it will be so worth all the mess, believe me I know:) I couldn’t be happier with my kitchen.
    When I changed my blog I expected to lose a lot of followers but to my surprise only a few left, I agree with what one of your friends said as women we like all styles and I think it should be that way, we can all learn from each other!

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