~Making Some Decorating Changes~

It is so hard to do any major decorating changes when one is in the middle of remodeling the kitchen. Can’t wait for everything to be back in the kitchen in their proper places and not in my living room and dining room. Since there is no room to do any major decorating…I decided to do a few small changes.

This is what was on the console table in front of the living room window. The candle spool had a more country feel to it and had a homespun plaid ribbon around it with red berries and a tin cookie cutter with a star hanging down from it. Also had a glass bowl with waxed stars in it by the old books.

And with my new decor style of vintage cottage…I changed the gathering to this.

Some birds, a hammered aluminum tray, old books with no covers, and old sewing spools. I redid the candle spool…it now has crochet trimmed tied around it, red berries, a charm with the word Cherish on it, and some old rusty keys hanging from it.

Changed a few things on top of the corner fireplace too…I put some flowers in my green glass flower-frog and painted an old wooden bowl white and laid some old keys in it.

I picked up some paint at the craft supply store…so that I can repaint some more pieces in my living room. Can’t wait to paint our wood trunk coffee table…trying to decide if I want to paint it aqua or white.

We will be working in the kitchen all weekend…hoping to get all the upper cabinets in and also get the microwave up too. We do have all the upper cabinets in on the right side of the kitchen, except for the pantry.

Now I can’t wait to get the new knobs and handles on them. I’m starting to see what the new kitchen will look like…and I’m really loving it!

Hope everyone has a great weekend. Until next time…….         blessings, Cindy


14 responses to “~Making Some Decorating Changes~

  • Cheryl

    Love all the changes you have done.
    Waiting to see the complete kitchen redo!

  • Cindy@OldTimePickers

    Sometimes you just have to work around all that remodeling. It helps to stay sane to do some cute updates in other areas of the house while the major redo of the kitchen drags on. Looks good.

  • earlene

    Cynthia the new changes are very pretty!
    Cabinets are perfect..I can’t wait to see it either!
    Great feeling when you can see it all coming together.
    Hugs friend!
    ps my sister and I are going on a garden tour today..wish you and vicki were with us

  • Cyndy Weeks

    Your new style looks great. And the kitchen is going to be perfect, I was so anxious to get our kitchen done too, when we got the microwave up, I was in heaven, we could at least heat things up! Have a great weekend!

  • Rondell

    I remember when we didn’t have a stove or frig, we did have a microwave though because it is above the stove:) Everything is turning out just right Cindy, pretty soon you will be enjoying every bit of it!

  • Gina

    oh I love the little touches you added and changing it up..on that table..I would paint it aqua and then white and sand it off to show the aqua underneath..it will give it that shabby chic look..oh and I love those cabinets…they are wonderful.;)hope you have a wonderful weekend.;)

  • Betsy

    You’re in the home stretch with your kitchen remodel…how exciting to almost have it finished.
    Such a sweet vignette you put together. Love the book bundle.

  • Debbie

    How exciting, Cindy! Change is fun, isn’t it? I loved primitive for so long, but since I changed to white, and shabby, I’ve never looked back. Enjoy.

  • Trace

    I am too so excited for you.
    I can’t wait to see it all done.
    I bought some paint and painted my cubbards in my bathroom white today.
    I want to rough up some of the edges when dry.
    I love your new display. So pretty and cozy.
    Have a great weekend Friend


  • Carol

    That’s so pretty with the berries and charm. That’s my worry when starting a new home project… how long is it gonna take… ugh.

  • Carmen Smith

    Those cabinets are looking SOOOO pretty!! Can’t wait to see them all done and I know you can’t either;) Hope you’re enjoying the weekend!

  • betty crowe

    Don’t you feel so good when something seems to be coming together just the way you visioned? Can’t wait to see the finish. Have a wonderful week.

  • Laurel@chippingwithcharm

    So fun to change things up 🙂 Looks lovely! Laurel

  • Ann Drake

    No matter how hard you try a reno seems to invade the whole house. Your kitchen is coming right along. In no time you’ll be all settled. Can’t wait to see. Thank you for stopping by my blog!

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