~Using Old Windows As Wall Decor~

I love old windows and there are so many decorative ways to use them in your home.

Back in February of 2011, we purchased a corner fireplace for our living room and that meant some decorating was needing to be done above the new fireplace. So that got me thinking about whether or not I had anything already here at home that I could use. Then I remembered the old windows out in our shed that were given to me from a relative who does home remodeling.  So I cleaned them up a bit, but not so much that they lost their old charm and then hung them up. These old windows were instantly turned into simple but beautiful wall decor.

I put my old windows up in the living room, but you could also display one in the bedroom. My friend Linda hung this huge arched window above the bed as a focal point.

Or how about leaning a large window up against the wall that has painting in each frame. This window makes a great focal piece…your eye is drawn right to it when you enter Linda’s living room. Each pane of glass has been hand painted…love the cottage farmhouse feel of this piece.

You can even use an old window outside to display flowers or gourds in…like my mother-in-law does at her home.

If you love to do machine embroidery like I do or even hand embroidery…here is another way that an old window can be used as wall decor to showcase your embroidery designs. This wonderful piece is hanging in Linda’s living room.

And here is one that I did with embroidery for a couple that has a cabin on the lake.

Now if you don’t know someone in home remodeling or the window replacement business…don’t worry, because you can find old windows for reasonable prices at flea markets, junk shops, salvage yards, thrift stores, yard sales, and sometimes out at the curb on trash night for free. And if you find several old windows…how about making one of these. It is on my list to do very soon!

Another window project on my list is to make this a photo holder like the one that Linda’s granddaughter made for her. I love this…what a great way to display family photos.

I even use an old window display in my booth at shows to display the jewelry that I make.

Speaking of shows…my first show of this year is in about 8 weeks. So…I have been busy bworking on necklaces…and doing some embroidery on towels and pillow tucks. Have some other things in the works too and will share some photos soon.

Until next time…….         blessings, Cindy


7 responses to “~Using Old Windows As Wall Decor~

  • Gina

    love the different ways to use old windows…I have a few myself.;0) and love them..have a wonderful wednesday;)

  • Carol

    Clever thing to do with the old windows. I’ve always liked this idea. I’ve got some that I want hubby to incorporate into cabinets or cupboards… with fingers crossed 🙂

  • Trace

    What a wonderful way to use old windows.
    I picked one up a couple of months ago.
    And now I have so many ideas.
    Thanks Friend

  • Cheryl

    Great ideas for using old windows. I have some that I plan on using for some shows I have coming up this fall, just have to decide which ideas I will use!

  • Holly

    What great ideas! Love your windows in the corner. What a neat idea. Have a wonderful day!

  • Mimi Sue

    I have an old window hanging over my sofa in our playroom. Love that little house made out of windows! Mimi

  • lifeonbuttermilkhill

    Hi Cindy–Love all the window ideas! Especially the one with the paintings in each pane (of course! ) The windows you hung over your new fireplace make a stunning corner. Hope you are stocking up on a lot of product for your show–I think it is going to be a blockbuster of a season!! Is it the Saurkraut (sp) Festival? –blessings, Jan

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