~Embroidery and Cake in a Mug~

I’ve been doing a lot of embroidery this week. I’ve done several vintage Fall/Halloween towels and will share them soon…still need to sew the ruffles on them. I also did some special embroidery for my newest great niece…Milly.

These 2 adorable bibs and baby blanket were tucked into my sister’s luggage yesterday, when we took her to the airport for her trip to California to meet her newest grand-baby.

With the kitchen remodeling going on, we had to take our stove out of the room…so all the cooking has been in the microwave right now. Well…what is a girl to do when she wants some cake, but has no oven to use. She makes cake in a mug that she found on Pinterest. It is from “The Country Cook” and you can find it here…. http://www.thecountrycook.net/2012/08/mug-cake-chattin-around-kitchen-sink.html, but I’ll still share how I made mine.

First you need the ingredients….1 box of Angel Food cake mix, 1 box of any flavor of cake mix, and 1 container of frosting. My cake mix was spice flavor…

and I used Cream Cheese frosting.

Next you need to pour both dry cake mixes together. She mentions mixing them together in a gallon size ziplock bag, but I put mine in a Tupperware container.

Then you combine in your mug…3 tbsp of the combined cake mixes with 2 tbsp of water. You need to stir it well…the batter will become foamy as you stir it. Then I put each mug one at a time in the microwave for 1 minute.

Honest…I’m not eating both of these, one is for my hubby. After taking them out of the micro-wave, I added some of the cream cheese icing.

Yummy…and Oh So Good!!!

Until next time…….         blessings, Cindy


11 responses to “~Embroidery and Cake in a Mug~

  • Sandy

    Hummm, I bet you could do that cake in small mason jars too. Put a decorative label on top and add the directions how to bake them and wah-la, you’ve got an item for your craft fair. Hummm, yep, this gives me some ideas… I always love reading your blog. Good luck on getting the kitchen put back together some day.

  • simplethymeprims

    Love this..thank you for sharing!

  • Holly

    Love your embroidery items! I sooo wish I knew how and had an embroidery machine. I just love it. The cake in a mug sounds delicious! Will definitely have to give it a try!

  • Cheryl

    Love the embroidery on the bibs and blanket.
    Great idea on the cake in a mug…….will be trying that.
    Kitchen is really looking good.

  • Trace

    Oh yummo..Love the bibs too.
    Thanks for sharing Friend

  • Carmen Smith

    Cake so quickly and easily sounds very dangerous:O also very yummy:P Love the baby items, too cute:) hope you have a wonderful weekend Cindy!

  • Amy

    The bibs are adorable.The cake sounds yummy.Will have to try it for the fall.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  • deppenhomestead

    Hi, Cindy~
    oh, so yummy~
    smiles & enjoy the weekend~

  • Lavender Dreams

    I love your pretty embroidery! I got more thread today…I better start sewing soon! lol

  • Kelly

    Love the little baby items you created! So sweet. I’ve seen those desserts in a mug on tv before. I remember seeing Kelly Ripa and Regis making one once and they were puzzled as to how it was going to work out. It was a funny segment. I guess they really do work out and are edible! ha! Who ever thought of that?

  • Dru

    I’ve got to show hubby how to make these cakes in a mug–something he could whip up in a jiffy. I like the idea of using jars, too.
    Thanks for sharing!

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