~Busy, Busy…As Can Be~

Oh my…there is only 3 weeks left to make things for my Fall show. I did finished up a few things today…some sunflowers on old rusty bed-springs.

These were so fun and easy to make….and each one has a rhinestone water-drop on it.

I only had 6 rusty bed-springs…and I really liked how these turned out, so I decided to keep one for me. I put it on the small stand near the front door. Now… all I need to do is put some small pumpkins with it.

I also finished up some more pincushions….

I thought these turned out so cute with the bird fabric print and the little bird’s nest. When my sister saw them…she said they were way too cute!! I think she likes them too.

While waiting for things to dry…I’ve been enjoying looking through my new book .

My farmhouse sink came in and they called to make the appointment to measure for the new countertops. We put up one of the new lights over the kitchen sink and hope to get the other light over the buffet area up tomorrow. Hubby is putting in the new water-line for the dishwasher this weekend. Also need to do a little dry-wall work…turns out the pantry was just a little too tall to go back in where the old one was.

We didn’t get any work in the kitchen done today…had to take Chloe to the vet. Our sweet yorkie girl got stung by a bee and was having a reaction from it. She got a shot and some medicine to take for the next few days.

Hope to do some Fall decorating this weekend. Be back soon to share that with you.

Until next time…….         blessings, Cindy


12 responses to “~Busy, Busy…As Can Be~

  • Cindy@OldTimePickers

    Your flowers are adorable. Those will be a sell out! After the kitchen is done and your show over, you’re not going to know what to do with yourself…maybe rest a bit?

  • Rondell

    Oh, poor Chloe:( I’ll have to tell my daughter about this so she can be aware of bees!
    Love your sunflower bedsprings…so cute!

  • Carmen Smith

    I love your sunflowers and pin cushions, so pretty! Poor Chloe, I hope she gets better soon, my Kiah has always tried to “catch” bees in her mouth, NOT a good idea if you ask me;) Have a great day Cindy!

  • Carol

    Did you say farmhouse sink?! Oh boy, I love those 🙂 Can’t wait to see yours. Your crafts are sweet. Good luck at the show. Aww, poor puppy… I used to get stung on the toes by bumble bees when I was little, ’cause I never wore shoes… lol.

  • Gina

    love the crafty items you are making..and that book looks great too..hope your pup is feeling better..can’t to see your fall decor,:)have a great weekend.;)

  • Jan

    Hi Cindy! I’m stuck in the “not enough time ” trap too–a show every weekend. You’ll get everything done, I’m sure–just keep plugging away!! Your sunflowers are adorable–I just LOVE stuff on springs. Poor, poor Chloe…puppy got a boo-boo. 😦 Hope she feels better quickly….love that little pink tongue sticking out! Dying to see your sink–I would LOVE to have a farmhouse sink. Get back to work, girl!! :)–Jan

  • Ann Drake

    Oh your poor pooch! That sounds awful. Glad the kitchen is progressing. That is definitely good news. Enjoy your Sunday ~ Ann

  • Betsy

    Your sunflowers are so sweet. What a great idea to display them in the old springs; I’m always on the hunt for those because they always sell. Hope Chloe is feeling better!

  • Dru

    Poor Chloe! I know how she feels! I got stung by a wasp weeks ago and am still getting over it. I’m glad she’ll be ok!
    Love the bed springs. We have tons of those, just rusting–I haven’t decided what to do with them–but I like your idea! I may copy you!
    Have a great week!

  • Kelly

    I just love those little sunflowers you made. Placing them on a bed spring is just the cutest thing! So sorry to hear about your dog getting stung. Ouch! Glad that you knew what happened and were able to get her some meds in time. That can be so dangerous.

  • Gail

    What an awesome idea to place those adorable sunflowers that you made into the bed spring! I love those sunflowers! You have been busy. I sure hope your little Chloe is doing better. Enjoy your day and I can’t wait to see that kitchen!

  • thelongawaitedhome

    Cindy, I had a Chloe too. She was a mix – Pom and Yorky. Your creations are soooo cute. Wish I lived near the Sauerkraut Festival!


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