~Show Photos~

We were so busy at the show on Saturday that I almost forgot to take some pictures.

The weather was great on Saturday…

and the crowd was huge.

However, there was a few stressful moments…like when my register went down when there were several customers waiting to purchased items, but we got through it. The show was great and I did really good.

Sold several towels and lots of pins…

plus Halloween & Fall decor. I almost sold out of pumpkins…

and sold some of the fabric necklaces…

but only a couple of the vintage style necklaces…plus several letter & word charms.

It’s a lot of work to do a show and sometimes it just plum wears you out…and you need a nap!!

Little Miss Zoey enjoyed herself at the show and she made lots of new friends.

Now it is time to get busy with making things for my Christmas show that is in 6 weeks. I will also be making some baby gifts for my neice’s baby shower that is this coming weekend.

Until next time…….         blessings, Cindy


18 responses to “~Show Photos~

  • Carol

    That’s wonderful 🙂 So nice you had little Zoe to keep you company.

  • Sandy

    Your booth looks very nice. How much are your towels? I have several towel, towel holder, pot holder sets that I will be selling at my show next weekend and was just wondering about pricing. Good luck on you upcoming Christmas show. Wow, the year is passing by so quickly.

  • Gail

    I’m so glad that your show was a success! Your booth looked nice with all your pretties that you have been so busy making. Hope you have a wonderful day, Gail

  • Amy

    Glad the show went well.Surprised the vintage necklaces didn’t do well the ones you showed were very pretty.Zoey so sweet I’m sure she got plenty of attention.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  • Cindy@OldTimePickers

    Glad to hear that the weather was nice for the show and that you did well. Zoey’s so cute! I’m assuming your back is okay(?).

  • Holly

    Everything looks great! Glad you had a great show.

  • Trace

    Looks like a wonderful day.
    Lots of beautiful things.
    Oh Zoe is soo sweet.

  • Kelly

    Congrats on a successful show! Wow! You really did make a lot of things to sell. How in the world do you do it??? You are super woman! Your precious dog looks so sweet sleeping like that. Your booth looked amazing. It’s no wonder that you sold so much.

  • Cheryl

    You sure had the goodies, everything looked nice and glad the weather cooperated Saturday. Hugs,

  • Jessica

    Glad to hear you were busy! Love the pic of your doggy, so cute all tuckered out.

  • Betsy

    I know just how Little Miss Zoey feels after a long day at a show. I’m so happy to hear that it was a success and you sold so many things. I’m sure that your vintage style necklaces will be the hot selling item at the next show. Keep up the good work. I’m scrambling to get ready for another show in 2 weeks…so much to do.

  • Gina

    I love your displays..you have awesome stuff..glad the weather was nice..always draws the people out doesn’t it..and Zoey looks precious..have a great weekend my friend.)

  • Gina

    p.s. my necklace is still my favorite to wear..and I get more compliments on it..then you can imagine..i want another one..:) hint hint.)

  • Lavender Dreams

    It’s so much fun to see photos of the show and of your booth! You really made a lot of beautiful necklaces! And it’s always nice to have seasonal things for each show. I would have wanted one of those candy corns…and a necklace! Enjoy your week! Get some rest! Hugs!

  • Dru

    Looks like it was a great show! Makes me miss doing them. . . .John and I were talking about doing an antique show or 2 next year. . . .Get rid of all my “clean-out” and enjoy the people, too. Once it’s in your blood, it’s hard to stop!

  • betty crowe

    glad you had a good show. The Clinton festival was last week and it was good too. That tree with the blue sky, wordless. Just beautiful, no words to describe it.

  • roxie

    Shows are a lot of FUN, but they will wear you out! I’m happy your show was a success! Your craft items are very cute (i do love the tea towels). Looks like little doggy was busy too selling, meeting and greeting! He made sure he took his nap! LOL! He is precious…..have a wonderful week! Roxie

  • lifeonbuttermilkhill

    Hi Cindy–just started back reading blogs again…so glad you had a good show. Your jewelry is beautiful. I think the Hara show is one I applied to years ago. We picked up another show, so we have 2 to go yet. Hope it is a good one for you. Zoey is as cute as ever!! 🙂 Jan

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