~My Country Farmhouse Kitchen…~

Hi everyone….come on in out of this winter weather (it’s cold and snowy here) and I’ll show you around my new farmhouse style kitchen.

As we enter the room…to the right is the fridge and the stove. These are my older appliances and we will be replacing them soon to stainless steel like the micro-wave.


This is the gathering that is on top of the refrigerator.


And tucked into the corner by the fridge and the stove is a basket the holds my grandma’s recipe cards…a thrift store crock that holds some spoons & spatulas…and a cookie jar from Target.


Now we are moving down to the other side of the stove.


In this area is my Ikea cutting board…a rolling pin holder…and an enamel bowl with treats in it for my grandkids…and for me too!


Next to the cutting board is old wood bread-boards…my red canisters…an old blue mason jar with antique cookie-cutters…my mixer…and a display dish that I made to put faux muffins & pastries on.


Now…we are to my favorite focal piece in the kitchen…my stainless-steel farmhouse sink. It is the first thing that you see when you enter the kitchen. I do have a valance to put up at the window, but they were a little too long…so I need to re-hem them before I put them up.


Here is a close up of the new vintage style light above the sink and also the farmhouse style facet that we put in.


Let’s move on to the right side of the sink to where the dishwasher and the pantry are…and my farmhouse towel that I made just for my new kitchen.


In this corner is the toaster…an old hand mixer…and an old coffee pot that my sister gave me for my new kitchen. I love how she wrapped some berries around it.


Above the dishwasher is an old handmade basket with some of my blue mason jar collection…a large old butter churn…an egg basket…and a rooster lamp.


Now let’s go to the wall opposite of the kitchen sink where the buffet area is…this wall backs up to the living room and dining room. These are the walls that the shelves will be going up on. They will hold my white pitcher collection…old baskets…and old kitchen gadgets.


Here is another look at the vintage light that is in this area.


And another look at the buffet area. I have more of my blue mason jar collection in this area…some white pitchers…old kitchen gadgets…old wood mashers…the PB mason jar water jug…and of course, those awesome little mason jar lights!


I have one more photo to show you…

Our dining room is open to the kitchen…so we decided to get a new light for in there too. Okay…I just have to tell you that I love this light!! You can actually replace the glass with old wide-mouth mason jars…guess what I’m on the hunt for?!!!


Our next project is to get the wallpaper border replace in the dining room and living room. I’ve found some that looks like weathered wood at a local country shop and it is going on sale this month…so I’m counting the days until I can get it. We also want to get the carpet up in the living room…just look at the pretty wood floors that we found under the carpet in the dining room.

I joining “The Old Time Party” over at “The Old Time Farmhouse” blog….


I hope you enjoyed your visit to my new kitchen. I’ll share my white pitcher collection with you once we get the shelves up. Until next time…….         farmhouse hugs, Cindy

30 responses to “~My Country Farmhouse Kitchen…~

  • Carmen

    Oh wow! Just wow! It’s beautiful!!!! And you are right. I love that light! Where did you get it?????

    Carmen and the Primcats

  • Rondell

    Just beautiful Cindy, I’m sure it was worth the wait for everything to come together. The cabinets are beautiful and the sink is so neat, what a focal point it makes!

  • lifeonbuttermilkhill

    OK!! This is what we’ve been waiting for! Oh my goodness…it is more gorgeous than I expected…you all did a fabulous job. The lights are great…can’t wait til you post a pic of the dining room light with the mason jars…it will be awesome. Of course……the sink……yum!! Everything is perfect…the cabinets, flooring, QUILT (!), accessories…love your candy apple red Kitchen Aid..mine is 38 years old, works perfectly, but the poor thing is avocado. 😛 I love her anyway. Beautiful job…enjoy!! —Jan

  • Carmen Smith

    It looks GREAT! You did an awesome job, enjoy!

  • Pamela Gordon

    Love your new sink and the light fixtures! Your kitchen looks great!

  • Sheila

    I haven’t visited in a while and I’m so glad I stopped by today! What a lovely kitchen you have. It certainly looks like it was worth all the work and the wait of getting it done. Love the pops of red you have here and there. Praying this year will be better for us and we can work on some of the projects that got put off last year. Going to make a few upgrades in my kitchen as well.
    Wishing you a wonderful 2013!

  • Little Susie Home Maker

    Your kitchen and dining room look so pretty! i was so happy to see your dots of red around your kitchen. i have red here and there, too! You lights are neat and I hope you find the mason jars, that would look so cute!

  • Holly

    I know you are so glad it is done and it looks so pretty! Love it all. Especially love the backsplash. Love the tin. Love the new lighting in the dining room too! Hope you can find your mason jars soon. That will be awesome. Enjoy!

  • Jessica

    Your kitchen looks wonderful! I’d want to be cooking and baking in there everyday.

  • Old Time Cindy

    The reveal was well worth the wait! I bet you are so excited with your farmhouse kitchen. Well, you know I love that sink. And all your lighting is really over the top cool!!! Thanks for boot scootin’ over to join in at the Old Time Party!
    Farmhouse hugs,

  • Carol

    Wow, what a transformation! I love it 🙂 the hickory really looks nice. Thanks for sharing.

  • Tammy/Our Neck of the Woods

    Looks so cute! I really love your stainless steel sink and I want that Ikea cutting board!

    Visiting from the Old Time Party 🙂

  • Lavender Dreams

    I still can’t get over what beautiful grain the hickory wood has…similar to cedar. I love the light fixtures you’ve found…especially the dining room light and the one over the sink. You new farmhouse sink is incredible…but you know that! And what great accessories. i need your help in putting things above my cabinets. I just never know what looks best. I know you are thrilled with your new kitchen! What an accomplishment!

  • Trace

    Oh me oh my!!
    Your kitchen is farmhouse beautiful.
    I love the lights.
    I am so sure it was worth the wait.
    Great job.
    Love your dining room too.
    Woolie Love & HUGS

  • linda

    Cindy, it all looks great together. I esp. love the touches of re, the backsplash and that stainless farmhouse sink. You did such a good job.

  • Gina

    oh my gosh..I love your new kitchen!It is beautiful..love everything about it..decor and all..you must be in 7th heaven…thanks for sharing it..you did a wonderful job on it.love it all..seriously..;) have a great weekend..also did you ever get my necklace made for me..I still wear mine and get more compliments on it..my friend wants to make herself one..but doesn’t know where to get the square frames at..can you let me know..she took pics of my necklace she loves it so much;)

  • Celestina Marie

    Hi Cindy, I just love your kitchen. Every detail is wonderful. Love your farmhouse sink. Your collectibles are the perfect touch for farmhouse style and I love the towel you created. You sure did a wonderful job designing your new kitchen and I can see you are going to really enjoy your time there. Best wishes and congrats on your new room.

    Have a nice weekend.
    Hugs, CM

  • kelly

    Your new kitchen looks great! I love your new sink too. I wish my sink was large like that. Stainless steel is so practical too. I have a white sink and it shows every scratch and stain. Bad choice! Your cabinets add a wonderful warmth too. Love the vintage style light fixtures. Lighting is so important to a room’s overall design.

  • Roxie

    Evening Cindy! You have a beautiful kitchen! So many things are stand-outs! The stainless is beautiful with your cabinetry! I love the backsplash tin, and your lighting too! The one over your table is like JUNK CHIC COTTAGE (I think) but she painted hers after a few days…Everything looks beautiful together…oh, and that SINK is to die for…I would enjoy washing dishes in that! Have a blessed and wonderful weekend! Roxie

  • Christina

    I love your kitchen and those cabinets are simply gorgeous! I would like to know where you purchased the light over the sink? I love that you are going to add Mason jars to the dinning fixture. Don’t ever paint those cabinets! Take care.

  • Dru (The Farmer's Daughter)

    Cindy! I Love what you’ve done in your kitchen! That sink is perfect and the tin back splash is perfect with it. I can certainly see how much work and planning you put into it all. Love the light fixtures–I want to know where you got those over your dining room table? They would be perfect in my farmhouse! I’ve never seen any like them.
    So sorry I’m late getting over here. Was gone yesterday and this morning the party wasn’t up! But, I didn’t forget you and love what you’ve done. Hey, we may be doing our living rooms at the same time!
    Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy that kitchen!
    Farmhouse Blessings,

  • shannon olson

    I love the light and the tin backsplash! wonderful country kitchen

  • Carlene@Organized Clutter

    Wow, Cindy. Love it. Especially love the wood tone on the cabinets, the sink, and the light over the table!

  • Ann Drake

    Everything is stunning but the sink is definitely the star! I would be hanging out in that kitchen all the time…

  • Cheryl

    The new kitchen is great and love that farmhouse sink and new lights.
    All of your personal touches are perfect! You and hubby sure did a wonderful job.

  • Jana Ziegler

    Please forgive me if the answer is in your pictorial tour — I didn’t happen to see if you said where your hickory cabinets are from…??? I am very interested to know, as THIS is FINALLY supposed to be the year for use to remodel our 34-year-old-oh-so-70’s kitchen!!!! Presently, we are looking at the lower-scale hickory cabinets at Lowes. Love the look of them….seems like they leave a little to be desired on construction and options. …..

  • bettycrowe

    You have got to be absolutely thrilled with this. It is amazing you found just what you needed. Lighting, etc. Enjoy! I would.

  • Teresa

    I love your beautiful Farmhouse kitchen. The sink is fabulous and all of the accents are so cute. You did a wonderful job. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my new farmhouse kitchen too.

  • Sandi Allen

    Love your Farm House a kitchen makeover.
    Those light fixtures are awesome and you have some wonderful displays.
    Thanks for sharing.

  • Cindy

    It came from either Lows or Home Depot.

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