~Hammered Aluminum~

I had no idea that I would one day have a collection of hammered aluminum pieces. It all started when my sister changed her decorating style and ask me if I wanted the few pieces that she had…I said sure and now I have about a dozen pieces. I did some research and found that these pieces are from the 1930’s, 1940’s, and 1950’s.

Here is the first piece that my sister gave me…it is hanging in the dining room.


These next photos are of my newest pieces that I got for Christmas from my blogging friend, Cheryl.

A small dish…with a flowered handle.


The bottom side is just as cute as the top side…


I saw one just like it listed on Etsy for $25.00. Thinking that maybe I should put a little fabric heart in this dish. I have it displayed on top of an old wood box…wanted it up higher so the that flower on the bottom was visible.


The other piece she gave me is a bigger tray…


Saw this one on Etsy too…for $22.00.


Thank you, Cheryl, for these beautiful pieces…I love them! Cheryl also made me the little mouse that sits in the white saucer. He is holding my word for 2013…

~SIMPLIFY~…I so want a more simple farmhouse style and less clutter in my decorating.


And I love how the hammered aluminum pieces look with my white pitchers too.


Until next time…….         blessings, Cindy


17 responses to “~Hammered Aluminum~

  • Carlene@Organized Clutter

    You have some really nice pieces Cindy. I love the oval shaped trays and the one with the basket type handle. How long does it take to make a ruffly scarf?

  • Kris

    I love the hammered aluminum pieces. They have such character and I love the history!!! You know how I am about pieces with history. So pretty all of them.

  • Sherry

    This is just beautiful.. I also love the paper with the lace wrapped around it with the key .. LOVE it all . YOUR so talented and have an eye girl for the beauty !! HUGS and have a blessed week

  • Carol

    Ahh, so pretty indeed and you sure know how to make a pretty gathering. I’m with that mouse and Simplify 🙂 I’m slowly but surely thinning out my cluttered decor.


  • Gail

    All your pieces are beautiful Cindy and I love the way you have them displayed. Enjoy your day, Gail

  • Trace

    ooooooh so pretty and special too.
    darling little mouse 🙂
    woolie hugs

  • lifeonbuttermilkhill

    Hi Cindy! I love all the pieces you have collected. You need to take a field trip to Wendall August Forge in Grove City Pa. They do incredible work that is highly treasured and collected…antiques of the future. They also give tours so you can see how the artists make the pieces. I am lucky that I have a few pieces …incredibly gorgeous…hard to believe they are created by hand. Your display setups are perfect!!—Jan

  • Old Time Cindy

    I also like your aluminum pieces mixed with white. Makes a nice contrast.
    Farmhouse hugs,

  • Cheryl

    You do great gatherings!
    By the way, there is a Wendell August Forge down in Amish country, the Berlin area.

  • Linda Parker

    I used to have some of those type pieces. Isn’t it amazing how everything cycles back around?! I, too, am wanting a simpler style. I am no good at dusting. Secret: I have shelves I only dust once a year!

  • Jean Ross

    Your new aluminum pieces add a pretty sparkle to your decor. You have a generous friend! Jean

  • kelly

    Those are some pretty aluminum pieces! I like how they look grouped together. I was just at an antique store the other day and saw some of those too! Bliss Ranch’s blog just recently featured a collection of those on her mantel too. You should check it out since y’all have that in common.

  • Roxie

    Hi Cynthia! I love the hammered pieces….and they look very nice with your farmhouse style! I would use those too! SIMPLIFY….what a great word!! And I think what you are doing…(like many of us) is the best thing.. it’s so much to take care of! I feel like a hoarder since cleaning out my basement and garage for this move (lol!!) SIMPLIFY!!-It’s a GOOD thing! Have a wonderful and blessed weekend….thank you for the kind words and prayers…it means a lot! Roxie

  • Lavender Dreams

    These pieces really are pretty and work well with your new decor! Of course all I see is that sweet mouse! he’s precious!

  • Romeo and "her"

    So you are not going to believe this….I’ve been selling vintage and antiques for 13 years, visiting antique shops for 20 plus years and I NEVER knew that’s what those pieces were called. Seriously! Well I must say that they look great with the white pitchers!!! As for your word of the year, “simplify”…must be something in the air as I’ve even thought of that. Well for at least an hour 😉


    :”her” and Romeo

  • Debbie

    Pretty new addition to your new decorating style, Cindy!
    These pieces do look nice with your white pitchers.

  • Dru (The Farmer's Daughter)

    Cindy! I’m having the same experience! I never considered hammered aluminum for my farmhouse style until now. I inherited many pieces from my family and had them boxed up–just ran across them, thinking how nice they might look in the kitchen! Then I see you already had the idea. Great minds, huh? They show up beautifully in the photographs. I think I might need to work on this project. Thanks for the inspiration!

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