~A Party For A Little Pirate~

Ahoy Matey…it’s party day for a little pirate named Peyton!!


We had my grandson’s 3rd birthday party this past weeknd…he wanted a pirate theme and I think his mommy and I got it just the way he wanted it.


We had pirate cupcakes…


We had the pirate ship…(his grandpa and I got him this ship for Christmas)


And we had a treasure chest cake…


Here is a close-up of the front of the cake…


And a close-up of the back of the cake…


Now…I have to tell you that Captain Hook and the crocodile saved the day. The back of the treasure chest did not want to stay in place and by putting these two characters in the back of the cake…everything stayed in place. My daughter said that she got out of bed a couple of times in the middle of the night before the party to check on the cake. Thank goodness that everything stayed in place!!

Well…Pirate Peyton had a great time at his party along with his big sister, his mommy & daddy, all 4 of his grandparents, and his 4 great grandparents. He also has aunts & uncles, family friends and his little pirate friends there to celebrate his special day.


Everyone had a great time!! And the next day…there was one very happy but tired pirate!!


Until next time…….blessings from me to you, Cindy





14 responses to “~A Party For A Little Pirate~

  • Reba Corder

    What a precious time this must have been. Happy Birthday Peyton!

  • Sherry

    Talk about precious.. Looks fabulous.. HE looks like he had a great time too .. HUGS … Happy bday Peyton

  • Sandy

    Wow, you did a GREAT job on that cake. I’m sure Pirate Peyton had a wonderful day and what blessing to have all those grands and greats there to celebrate with him. You are truly a blessed family.

  • Cheryl

    That was some party and you did a fantastic job on the cake!
    Peyton is so blessed to have such a large extended family!

  • Old Time Cindy

    What a fun and special birthday! Great looking cake, Cindy!
    Farmhouse hugs,

  • Trace

    Oh my goodness!
    You are truly a Cake Artist!
    Great job
    Happy Birthday Pirate Peyton.
    Woolie Hugs

  • Lavender Dreams

    It was a huge success! Aren’t you glad we can take lots of photos of these special events. They are fun to look back at! My grandson loves pirates, too!

  • Carol

    Blimey! A whole lotta booty for all the little bucaneers. No walking the plank for grandma 🙂


  • Laura @ Our Prairie Home

    That is the cutest thing ever! The cake is simply darling! I hope that I’m half the grandma you are! You can definitely see all the love you poured into making his day extra special. 🙂

  • lifeonbuttermilkhill

    Hi Cindy! I knew the cake and party decorations would be fabulous! The treasure chest cake is so brilliant–I’m sure Peyton was just thrilled! The pic of him asleep is just too sweet–really tuckered out after such a big day—Jan

  • Rondell

    Such a wonderful job on the cake Cindy, and what a story to tell him when he’s older about the cake:) Looks like he had fun and took a much needed nap! Love how the table was decorated with the coins too!

  • Kelly

    I KNEW that cake would be special! Did you create this on your own? You are so talented. I love the details you put on it. Even your table is set for a pirate party. So sweet! It looks like everyone enjoyed your hard work.

  • Jann Olson

    Oh Cindy, I threw a pirate party for my oldest grandson when he was little. It was so fun! Love the cake and the little guy is too cute!

  • Celestina Marie

    Hi Cindy, Oh my gosh, how did I miss this post? The cake turned out aweseome. What a work of art. You are incredible and the party looks like so much fun. Your talents just made the party perfect. Love the table, the banner and of course the little guy is a darling. What a special day for all.
    I so enjoyed this post.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

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