~Farmhouse Kitchen Update~

Just thought I would share a few updates on my farmhouse kitchen. The new fridge and stove were delivered this past weekend…


and I think it looks so much better than our old ones.


I really like how all the appliances match now…the new stove looks so much nicer with the micro-wave and the sink too.


The kitchen is almost finished…but I still need to make some curtains for the kitchen window. Plus we need to get the shelves up for my white pitcher and old basket collections to go on. My hubby is waiting for it warm up some, so that he can cut the wood outside and not freeze to death. We woke up to temperatures in the low 30’s and “SNOW” this morning and they are calling for a “SNOW” storm this weekend!! Where on earth is SPRING???? It sure isn’t here!!!

I found a few goodies this past Saturday at the huge antique mall here in town. I met up with Carmen from “Primcats” and Earlene from “Primitive Passion Decorating” for a day of fun and treasure hunting. I got this large old scale to sit on the countertop in the kitchen…I thought it would be a great piece to change out the decor with different vignettes for the seasons and holidays.


I’ll share the other two things that I got on an upcoming post. Oh….I also hung back up the old milk scale that I found at a local thrift shop last year. It hangs between the kitchen and dining room.


I’ll be back here in a few days to post about my birthday and my 5th year blogiversary giveaways that will be next week. It doesn’t show on my blog that I’ve been blogging since the beginning of April 2008. I lost the first 4 years of posts on my blog…and was never able to recover them. I was redoing some things on my blog and thought I had saved all the posts in a saved file, but after a period of time…it deleted them. I was so upset and almost stopped blogging…but I knew that I would miss it too much, so I just started over last year.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and that it feels like Spring where you live!!

Until next time…….         blessings, Cindy


21 responses to “~Farmhouse Kitchen Update~

  • sharon brotherton

    very nice cynthia, very nice xxxx

  • Sandy

    Cindy, the new appliances are beautiful, I love them. Have you ever thought of using Carbonite to back all your files up on, it doesn’t cost that much and if you ever have a crash you will be able to retrieve your files. Just a thought for you. I truly do love your kitchen. Happy anniversary and happy upcoming birthday too! I’ll be thinking warm thoughts for you but it’s down to 49 here in central Florida right now, which is pretty chilly for us. Take care.

  • Carol

    Aww, I’m so glad you didn’t quit blogging. You lucky bugger, new fridge and stove! I want new ones too… lol. Really, we need a new stove. One that will keep the mice out! Awesome old scale, I love it! Darling, you have great taste, my taste, in shopping… lol. Your kitchen is wonderful.

  • Lecia

    Cindy, your kitchen is lovely, such a dream kitchen, I would just bring in my sleeping bag and live in there. Hope you had a Happy Birthday and congratulations on your blogging anniversary! hugs, Lecia

  • Trace

    Your kitchen looks beautiful.
    How fun to meet blog friends.
    What a great day.
    Congrats on you anniversary.
    So glad you didnt stop too.
    Woolie Hugs

  • earlene

    I am glad you did not quite blogging too. I know how you feel..I was ready to quite this week too. but I will just be patient and hope it gets back to normal.
    Those are great appliances! The scale looks like it was meant to be.
    It was a great day! I am coming back on the 18th. of May for yhe Extravaganza!

  • Carmen

    Oh my oh my!!!! Those appliances look AH-Mazing!!!!!! And the scale looks great on the counter. 🙂

    Carmen and the Primcats

  • Angela

    Wow Cindy, Love the stove and fridge. You are one lucky lady. Everything looks great. I really like that old scale too. Great possibilities there for decorating. That antique mall sounds great. Can’t wait to see your other purchases. Enjoy the snow. It will have to end soon. It’s going to be cool here for the weekend and rain everyday. That’s okay… Spring is here … somewhere. Have a great weekend.

  • Jan

    Oh, Cindy!! The appliances look wonderful! I’m loving BOTH scales too. I’m so sick of snow..every single morning there is new snow. UGH! It has really been hurting Al as far as getting wood ready for me to work on. Sigh… keep warm and enjoy that gorgeous kitchen!! –Jan

  • Reba Corder

    We have the same lay out in the kitchen as you, with one exception , above our sink is a large pass through over looking the dining room. We just got new stainless as well and they look great. We both have a great looking kitchen. Enjoy

  • Ann Drake

    Oh my gosh I love your new appliances! I have waited nearly 20 years for new ones and they are finally coming Monday. I know just how you feel. Enjoy!

  • Tonya

    Wow the kitchen looks fantastic! Huge difference in appliances. SIL Peg got a kitchen redo for Christmas from all her kids. They put in the Sliding Glass door yesterday. Today all the old cupboards come out. Hoping to get new floor in tomorrow…she is so excited….I bet you were equally excited..& glad your almost done…

    Have a great weekend!


  • Holly

    Love the new appliances! Everything is coming together so nice. Sounds like a fun shopping trip. Love the scale. Can’t wait to see what else you found. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  • kelly

    I really like your new SS appliances! I love SS. Your new finds at the antique store are great too. Sounds mighty cold there. I hope you’ll get some relief soon. It’s back to being ugly weather here too. We got spoiled by some warm sunshine last weekend, but it was just a tease!

  • Lavender Dreams

    Your new appliances are beautiful and I know you’ll enjoy them. Love all of your prim accessories, too like the vintage scale on your counter. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one like that. Enjoy your weekend! Happy cooking!

  • Jann Olson

    Cindy, your new appliances look wonderful. Oh my, I have such a scale fetish and both are fabulous! Our basement farmhouse kitchen is now painted and they will install cupboards next week. I can hardly contain my excitement! My daughter gave me a huge scale for Christmas that I hope to hang down there. They are so fun for every day and seasonal decor. Can’t wait to see the rest of your finds. Congrats on your birthday.

  • A Primitive Place Tammy

    Hi Cindy
    Kitchen looks wonderful.
    Love the scale.
    We are getting hit by a snow storm rift now too.
    I agree…
    Where the heck is Spring!

  • Roxie

    Evening Cindy, It feels good to get bACK TO A little blogging with my friends! I feel I have missed so much! Your kitchen is absolutely beautiful! One can see all the hard work and detail that has went into it. And yes, those appliances are the cherry on top of the ice cream! I truly love your hanging scale….your FARMHOUSE look has come together very well….of course, us gals love changin’ things around some! Have a wonderful and blessed week~~~Roxie

  • Betsy

    Your kitchen looks beautiful. Love the sink and all your stainless steel!

  • Cindy

    Wow! Your kitchen is all farmhouse fancy now! 🙂 Really like the scale for the counter.
    Farmhouse hugs,

  • Rondell

    I’ve been busy and lazy so I haven’t been around in a while, love, love your new fridge and stove! They look so nice with your cabinets Cindy!
    Be sure to let me know when you want your kitchen on my blog, I’d be thrilled to do it! I know though that you will want it to be perfect in your mind before you do!

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