~Country White Birds~

Today while I was trying to figure out what to share for Country Whites Weekend…I heard the birds singing and splashing in the bird bath after all the thunderstorms and rain that come down overnight.


As I was sitting here listening to the birds…


I realized that they were giving me the answer on what to share.

Shelf-1 (2)

All my feathered friends that I have sitting around my nest…and they just all happen to be white.


Some are made of fabric…


and a few are made of wood…


and some are made of carved wood…


and some are carved wood with rusty wings.


There are even some made of mercury glass that are displayed with old wood spools that are wrapped with vintage white lace…


And then there is that special one…my very first feathered friend to grace my nest 20 years ago…


I came home one day from work and saw this goose sitting on our dining room table. I had been eyeing him at one of my favorite shops and my hubby surprised me with it for my birthday…and that was the start of my love for my white feathered friends!

I’m sharing this post over at “The Old Time Farmhouse” and “The Country Farm Home” for the “Country Whites Weekend”.



Hope to see you there.       blessings, Cindy


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