~Farmhouse Cottage Style~

I’ve been trying to get a more simple farmhouse style in my decorating decor, but I realized that I’m still loving me some cottage style….so I did a little redecorating yesterday in my living room.

Took down a grandmother clock that we’ve had for years…we never remembered to wind it anymore. I replaced it with this farmhouse cottage style shelf that I purchased from a local country shop. I added the enamel numbers to it…found them at Hobby Lobby. I really like how this wire shelf turned out.


I also purchased the blue mason jar canvas print from the same country shop. I love that it lights up…the candles actually flicker. I’ve wanted one of these for a while now and knew that the mason jar print was perfect for my style of decorating.


Even though I thought I wanted a more simple farmhouse style of decor…I realized that going for more of a  farmhouse cottage style.


And I’m pretty sure that it is more me, because it makes me smile every time I walk into the living room. I have a change that I’m making in the dining room too and I will share that with you soon.

Sharing this post over at Jann’s…”Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson”


Until next time…….         blessings, Cindy


14 responses to “~Farmhouse Cottage Style~

  • Celestina Marie

    Hi Cindy, Just so pretty what you have changed. Love the shelf and those numbers. The canvas print with mason jars and candles is an awesome piece. I am the same with farmhouse style, love to combine more of a cottage French look. I’m calling it, French Farmhouse Cottage. LOL
    Looking forward to your dining room too. Have a great Wednesday.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  • Carmen

    Looks great Cindy! That picture is really neat too!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  • Lavender Dreams

    The wire shelf is such a beautiful way to display your special items. You’re having fun making your home your own style! Hugs!

  • kelly

    It’s always great when you can hone in on your favorite decorating style and start making it happen! I love cottage style too. Your wire hanging shelf looks great with the enamel numbers added to it. I’ve seen those before at Hobby Lobby too and thought about buying them but didn’t know where I would use them. They look perfect on your shelf! Looking forward to seeing what you’ve done in your dining room next.

  • "her" and Romeo

    Cute! Cindy, it is so true that when you walk into a room and it makes you smile, you know you’ve got it right!!!! Looking forward to your dining room!


    “her” and Romeo

  • Jann Olson

    Cindy, I love it! I too was not able to go with a true simplistic farmhouse style. Try as I might. One of my blog friends said that she thought I was ‘farmhouse glam’. I was thinking more of a mix between farmhouse and cottage but liked her thinking. I am posting my basement kitchen tomorrow and if you get a chance to hop over you will see what I mean. The #’s on the shelf are the same as I used on my craft room cabinet. Love how they look. Your collection is wonderful!

  • Jann Olson

    Forgot to mention, would love you to share this with Share Your Cup!

  • Trace

    What a very cool picture.
    I love mason jars.
    Woolie Blessings

  • Debbie

    I guess it doesn’t really matter what “style” we are going for…as long as it makes us smile as we walk into the room. I can understand why you would smile, Cindy…your room is adorable! LOVE that Mason Jar picture!!! It’s so CUTE!!! Enjoy…..

  • Carol

    I like your new items!

  • Diane

    Charming display of farmhouse style, Cindy!

  • must love junk

    Absolutely love your shelf, and love how you added the numbers! 🙂

  • Carlene@Organized Clutter

    Cindy, who can be just one style? Cottage and farmhouse blend well. Love the flickering candle print.

  • Angie Berry

    Funny how some things just stick in your head and you don’t forget them. I remember when you were trying to figure out your style a few years back and you finally decided on farmhouse. STILL to this day, I think of you and your pretty whites when I think of farmhouse. I recently started a farmhouse board on my Pinterest… don’t tell anyone but I’m leaning towards that softer look too, LOL! After all these years in primitives, I’m finding that I don’t like the heavy, dark prims like I used to. I find that I can’t even hardly look at some of the prim pinterest boards because they are way too extreme for me. So I am where you were awhile back… searching for “my style”. I hope I find it like you have found yours. =]

    Oh, I got caught up in talking that I about forgot… I love the shelf with the all the little pitchers of course. I didn’t know that Hobby Lobby carried the enamel numbers, how neat! Now that I don’t work there anymore, I don’t get to see everything they carry. The mason jar canvas would have been my choice too, how neat that it actually flickers, love that! Everything looks lovely Cindy~

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