~Finds From the Endless Yard Sale~

Went out hunting for treasures again this year at the Endless Yard Sale. Our first day out was on Thursday.

When we stopped to pick up my sister…she had a couple of feathered friends hanging out in her front yard.


After picking my sister up, we headed west to Rt. 127 and then headed south. I found a few goodies on our first day out…

A pink toy sewing machine for $5.00…says “made in Germany” on it.


I put it on the shelf with my other toy sewing machine in my sewing room.


My next find was this wooden tray with wrought iron handles on it…got it for $4.00. I’m thinking about using it in my booth at my upcoming shows. I made a ton of initial charms and thinking they would look great displayed in it.


My last find on Thursday was a firkin/sugar bucket. It is the small one on the top…got it for $10.00.


I put it on the stand by the front door with the firkin that my MIL gave me for Christmas a few years ago.


My hubby and I headed back out on Saturday, but heading north this time on Rt. 127. Yep…found a few more goodies on my second day out.

A small white/beige pitcher for .50 cents.


Old rusty small square head nails for $2.50.


Farmhouse style quilt for $9.00.


It was another great year hunting for treasures at the Endless Yard Sale. Going to leave you with this photo of a little cabin that we saw nestled in the woods at one of the places that we stopped at.


If I’m not around very much…you will find me working in my sewing/craft  room making goodies for my Fall show that is in 7 weeks. I’ll be sure to share photos of what I’m making.

Until next time…….         blessings, Cindy





11 responses to “~Finds From the Endless Yard Sale~

  • Rondell

    Great prices on everything Cindy, love the little pink sewing machine and the quilt is so pretty!

  • earlene

    Morning Friend!
    Wow!!! You got some great deals. I bet you were excited when you found the sweet little pink sewing machine.
    Enjoy your day Cindy

  • Trace

    What wonderful treasure you found.
    so much fun.
    Love the sewing machine.
    Woolie Joy

  • Lavender Dreams

    Your sister’s house is so beautiful…it looks like it’s out of a fairy tale! Wouldn’t it be a beautiful painting! Well…..I love the toy sewing machine! It’s pink…can’t get any prettier than that! Love all of your fab finds! I’m sewing this week, too….can’t stop now! Hugs!

  • Celestina Marie

    Hi Cindy, You sure found some great treasures at a wonderful price. Love your pics and your sister’s home is so cottage wonderful. Her feathered friends in the front yard make it perfect.
    Have fun on your projects for the fall show. I know you are busy.
    I will be gone most of August so see you in a few weeks.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  • Angie Berry

    Great finds! I would love to find an endless yard sale around here, how cool that would be. I love the rusty square nails and I can’t believe you got that pretty quilt for $9. What a steal! Enjoy your new treasures~

  • kelly

    I have never been to one of those yard sales, but have heard a lot about them. That sounds fun. You got a lot of great deals too! Love the little sewing machine you found for your room and the little pitcher.

  • Must love junk

    Love your finds! I hope to go to that sale some day! 🙂

  • Debbie

    Aawww that little sewing machine fits right in with your others, Cindy.
    Great treasures you scooped up on your travels.
    Love the little pitcher!

  • Jann Olson

    Oh my gosh Cindy, I can not believe what fabulous prices! You had me drooling over that little sewing machine. Love the pink color. I only have one childs one. Whenever I run across them they are mega bucks. Love the firkin and nails. That quilt is a beauty! Can’t believe it was only $9. Good hunting my friend. Love the little cabin and best of luck on getting lots done.

  • Betsy

    You really scored with the good deals and wonderful treasures. I adore that little pink sewing machine! Lots of prep work for the fall shows coming up on my end too. Enjoy!!

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