~Grandma’s Pear Collection~

I was given my grandmother’s pear collection and have it displayed in the cupboard in our dining room.


I love these pear candle stick holders…sure wish I knew how old they were.


Another piece I love is the white bowl with pears on it…have no idea how old it is either.


The pears beside the bowl is a find that I just picked up at the GW last week. They are in a rusty tin with a gold ribbon hanging down from it. I thought it was perfect to display with my  grandma’s collection.


The other pear candle holder is on the shelf above with an old vintage plate the my sister gave to me with pears on it. I see our champagne glasses from our wedding in this photo below…our 34th wedding anniversary is coming up on September 1st.


I’ve had the pear salt & pepper shakers in the photo below since 1979…I got them with my first set of dishes when we were first married. The dishes had fruit on them and of course…pears were one of the fruits. Those dishes are long gone, but I’m so glad that I kept the salt & pepper shakers and could display them with my grandma’s pear collection.


The pink champagne glasses in the above photo was a gift from our girls…when they surprised us with a 25th wedding anniversary party. I just remembered that my mom gave us my grandparent’s 25th anniversary plate and my grandma had given it to my mom on my parent’s 25th anniversary…and I will past it on to my oldest daughter on their 25th anniversary. See my pumpkin water pitcher hiding behind the champagne glasses…can’t wait to put that on display when Fall gets here…won’t be long!!

Been thinking of my grandma a lot here lately and missing her. She lived to be 95 years old and has been gone for 8 years now, but a part of her is always with me.


She was the best grandma ever and I hope that I’m following in her foot steps with my grandkids.

Sharing this post over at Jann’s blog for….Share Your Cup Thursday #71


Until next  time…….         blessings, Cindy


12 responses to “~Grandma’s Pear Collection~

  • Lavender Dreams

    These are so special and I know you treasure them. It’s nice to still be adding to the collection, too. I grew up living next door to my Grandmother and I sure have lots of fond memories. It seems like a million years ago though! haha! (I must be feeling old tonight! lol) Enjoy your weekend!

  • Betsy

    Your grandmother was a beautiful woman and would be so proud of how much you cherish her things and memories. I often think of my grandmother when I see all her treasures that surround me every day.

  • Angie Berry

    Aw what a sweet tribute to your grandma! You are very fortunate to have such wonderful heirlooms that belonged to her, I love the pears! I think it’s neat that you’ve added some of your own pears to include in the collection. I always enjoy looking at your white pitcher collection too, they are so pretty =] I really love antiques but there is nothing like owning a piece that has been in your own family for years~

  • Angela

    What a special collection and one with such fond memories Cindy. Never really thought of collecting pears, but love all your treasures. Such fond memories of your grandmother. My grandmother lived with us and kept me as mother worked. She was more of a mother to me than my own. She too lived to be 95 and I miss her still today and she has been gone for many years now. Have a great weekend.

  • kelly

    That is such a nice collection to have with so many great memories attached to it. I love the white bowl with the pears on it. It’s so classic.

  • Dru

    You know, I’ve never seen many pear pieces around here. They are really lovely. I’ll have to look for them from now on! Wonderful memories you have. I’m more than certain you are very special to your grandchildren.

  • Roxie

    Evening Cynthia, What wonderful treasures with memories!! I have a pear plate my Mother gave me years ago….she is 80 now. I miss my Grandmother too (moms mother) She lived to be 91….she died the youngest of her siblings!! They were all over 95+ yrs before they passed! What blessings the older generation were!! I hope we can at least be something like them…….Blessings, my friend~~~Roxie

  • Jann Olson

    Cynthia, what a wonderful collection! Something that you don’t often see. It makes it quite unique. Love the picture of your sweet grandma.

  • must love junk

    Your collection is so pretty! 🙂

  • Jan

    Funny how some special things can bring back so many loving memories. I love all your pear treasures….Jan

  • Des

    What a beautiful collection….I love how you have it displayed. Loved seeing the picture of your sweet grandma too :o)

  • Carlene@Organized Clutter

    I don’t think I know anyone else that collected pears, and I know a lot of collectors and collect a lot myself. How special!

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