~Found A New Vintage Shop~

This past weekend, we headed over to a small village that is about 15 minutes away. It had been years since we had gone through the shops there. Well…I found this shop that was tucked away down an alley.


What a cute store front they had…


…and just look at their yellow door that welcomed you in.


Oh my goodness…this shop was full of vintage charm. It was much bigger on the inside than you would think. It just kept going farther back into other rooms. They have vintage decor, vintage clothing, and vintage jewelry. It sure was “Heaven On Earth”.


And the day we were they…the had Morkie (Yorkie/Maltese mix) puppies for sale. They were so cute…hope they found their forever homes.

We realized as we walked down to the end of town that an Art/Craft show was going on too. I loved looking through the jewelry booths.


It was a beautiful day to go through the shops and the art/craft show. I’m going to check out another show this coming weekend that I might try to do next year…plus I want to go to the huge Flea Market Extravaganza here in town. There is only one problem…they are calling for storms starting on Thursday through Saturday. We really need rain here as it has been very dry most of the Summer…but does it really have to decide to rain this weekend. Really….can’t it just wait until next Monday to rain!!

I’ll leave you with this sneak peek of some Fall decorating that I did yesterday.


I’ll share more of my Fall decor on my next post.

Until then…….         blessings, Cindy



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