~Ready or Not…the Fall Festival is Almost Here~

My first show of the this season is now only 7 days away. All the jewelry is now done…here are a few photos of the necklaces that I just finished up yesterday.


These necklaces have a travel theme to them.


I’m thinking about keeping this last necklace that I made…loving the old key on it.


I was so excited to find this rusty muffin pan. I added the two charms to it and will be putting paper cupcake holders in it…and all my small jewelry charms will be displayed in this at the show.


I will spend this coming week working on a few vintage items and doing some machine embroidery designs on burlap runners.

I’ve been doing shows for 28 years and this is the first time in very many years that I will have participated in a show here in my hometown. Actually…I have 2 shows back to back for the next 2 weekends here in town. Both of these shows are smaller than what I’ve been doing for years…but I’m looking forward to doing them.

Leave you for now with this photo I took of the Harvest Moon as I came out of the grocery store last night.


Until next time…….         blessings, Cindy


7 responses to “~Ready or Not…the Fall Festival is Almost Here~

  • Rondell

    Good luck on your shows coming up, I’m sure you will do well! You asked about the owl pillow on my sofa, I found it at either Marshall’s or TJMaxx. I always get them confused:) It was the only one there so I grabbed it!

  • Kelly

    I really like the necklaces you’ve made for your show. I bet it will be so much easier on you not having to drive out of town this year for them. I wish you much success this year.

  • lynn at shabby story

    hope you have a great show, cindy–your jewelry is lovely! i just read your post on your kitchen–it turned out beautifully! love the farm sink! we are working on our kitchen and just got a farm sink–can’t wait to put it in. havea great week!

  • Roxie

    I hope you have a wonderful show! Your jewelry is lovely! LOVE the one with the keys! I’m sure you are enjoying this beautiful Fall….and of course, that Harvest Moon was breathtaking! Let us know and take pics of your show!! Blessings~~~Roxie

  • Laurel@chippingwithcharm

    Lovely!! Good luck with your show…sell lots 🙂

  • Debbie

    I’m sure you will do great at the shows, Cindy. Your jewelry, and everything you create is always wonderful!
    The picture of the moon is beautiful!
    Have fun at the shows!!

  • Des

    Beautiful pieces! Good luck with your upcoming shows :o)
    The pic of the moon is just stunning too!

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