~More Fall Decorating~


This past weekend…I went to check out a couple of Fall festivals and did a little more Fall decorating.

As crazy as it sounds…I went to walk the huge Fall festival that I had done for 24 years. When I did this show, I never had the time to go shopping there. So I decided that I would like to check it out with 300,000 or more of my friends…. It sure was a long walk to the top of the hill and back down. I took this photo while up at the top of the hill.


The other show I checked out…was in my small hometown. This was the first thing that we saw when we arrive at this small show… I think this is the only flower bus that I’ve ever seen.


Now on to the Fall decorating that I did…

I picked up these cute little gourds with mice peeking out of them at one of our local shops. The one on the book is in a small mason jar cloche.


The pumpkins in the photo below are ones that I just recently got from Hobby Lobby. I love that they have Fall words written on them.


As you all know…I love white pitchers, but I couldn’t resist getting this pumpkin pitcher when I saw it at Hobby Lobby. Not sure if they have anything like it now…I’ve had mine for several years. The little white pitcher is a new piece that I got from “The Vintage Market Place” at the huge “Flea Market Extravaganza” that was here in town this past September.


Made a little change to the corner fireplace…can you figure out what it is?  Yep…I moved the Carmel Apple that was in a wooden bowl and put the small owl in its place. My sister and I found a new shop at a mall that is in a nearby town…and it had the cutest Fall decor. We both just loved this sweet little owl and had to get one.


My sister lives in a home that was built in 1861 and she decorates in the primitive style and here is how she displayed her owl.


If I’m not around here very much this week…you will find me in my sewing room. I’m making some vintage style pillows with doilies and old brooches on them for our local shop. I’ll shared some photos of them when I get them done later this week.

Until next time…….         Fall blessings, Cindy






9 responses to “~More Fall Decorating~

  • Carol Cook

    Whoa, there are a lot of people at that festival. Our city does a big street fair for Christmas and people come from all around to sell and buy.

  • earlene

    Wow that’s a climb and so many people…what a view.
    Your home is so pretty with your touch.

  • Celestina Marie

    Hi Cindy, Love that flower bus. Looks like a great walk and festive sale.
    Your home is beautiful for fall and love seeing the way your sister displayed her owl.
    Have a great week creating.

  • "her" and Romeo

    WOW! So THAT is “the” show you used to sell at! Elbow room only! And the flower bus – how original is that?!?! Loving your owl – I can never seem to find one that is as nice as yours. Glad the little guys came home with you and your sister. Romeo wants one for himself. But you and I both know that it would only take 3 minutes at top for that owl to resemble something akin to a pile of fluff. No worries, I’ll make sure he doesn’t stalk your owl 😉

    Your decorations look wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

    “her” and Romeo

  • Lavender Dreams

    That’s the biggest festival I’ve ever heard of! WOW! And I love that flower bus. You always decorate with such style….I need to learn from you. And I love that cute owl! Enjoy your afternoon sweet friend!

  • kelly

    Those Fall shows that you went to looked like fun! Very crowded too! Love the owl you found. Owls are so perfect for Fall décor. I think I can hear you cranking away on your sewing machine right now!

  • The Farmer's Daughter

    Hey, Cindy! I’ve never seen a flower bus! What a great shot. Your home looks so pretty, too. I’m still out here in no man’s land–no computer–can’t make up my mind. . . One day soon, though. . .I miss all of you!

  • Betsy

    Wow, look at that crowd, I’ll bet the sellers were having a great day too. You sure have some pretty fall treasures, those little mice and gourds are so cute.

  • Trace

    I love the awesome flower bus.
    How cool.
    Love your fall treasures to.
    That owl is stinkin cute too.
    Woolie Fall Blesssings

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