~Vintage Style Pillows~

I’ve been busy this past week working on some vintage style pillows for our local shop “Rustics” at the mall. The shop owner supplied me with the pillow forms and the dollies…but I found the vintage brooch that I put on this pillow at the flea market.


This next pillow has a leaf brooch on it that is new…but still has that vintage feel to it. I think this pillow is my favorite out of the two of them.


I delivered them to the shop today and the shop owner loved them.  If these sell good for her…I will be making a few more. I really like how they turned out and am thinking about making some smaller ones for my upcoming Christmas show.

This was the beautiful sky when I came out of the mall this evening.


I will be spending tomorrow in my sewing room…working on putting embroidery designs and ruffles on to kitchen towels…and putting doilies on to tote-bags…plus ruffled edges on to burlap table runners. Only have 6 weeks until my Christmas show…and it will get here faster than I think it will…always does!!

Until next time…….         blessings, Cindy




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