~Little Changes~

It seems that during the first couple months of the new year…I’m always making little changes to the decor in the rooms of my home.

In the living room…I went from this vignette on the end table …


…to this one.


My granddaughter made the coasters with our initial of our last name on it. There is a pretty pattern on it, but the flash was to bright on my camera for it to show up.

Also in the in living room…was this vignette over by the corner fireplace…


…and now it looks like this.


I tucked an aluminum tray in the basket and a couple of pillow tucks.

The next change was in the dining room. This is what I had hanging from the peg rack…


…and here is what I have hanging in there now.


One more little change that I did was to the wall that goes down to the lower level of our tri-level. This is what I had there for a few years…


…and now it looks like this.


Love the new metal rack that I picked up from my favorite country/vintage shop. Since I took this photo…I have already changed out one of the baskets. I’ll have to take a new photo to share.

I’ll leave you with this the sweet picture of the cute little cupcake that is under a glass dome. My sister gave me this for my kitchen.


It’s perfect for me… I’ll be making cupcakes in about 3 weeks for my grandson’s birthday and a fire truck birthday cake.

Until next time…….         blessings, Cindy



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