~Favorite Machine Embroidery Ever~

I was looking back thru the photos of things that I have machine embroidered over the years…and thought I would share my most favorite embroidered piece that I ever done with all of you.

~My Niece’s Wedding Dress~

I made this for her back in 2003.


The front of the dress….


The bottom back of the dress…


She got married here in a local park…that has a beautiful clearing area in the forest. It is a perfect place for outdoor weddings.


It took me many hours to put all the embroidery on her dress…but was so worth all the work it took to make it.


She looked so beautiful on her wedding day.

I had a promoter from a traveling sewing trunk show ask me if I wanted to show her wedding dress on a tour that was traveling around the USA, but after much thought from my niece and me…we decided not to do it. We were just too worried to leave it in someone else’s care, but I sure felt honored that they loved the dress so much to want it in their traveling show.

Until next time…….         blessings, Cindy


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