~Been Crafting Some New Creations~

My shows are still many months away, but I’ve been doing some creating…trying to figure out what I want to make for my shows this year. Here recently…I’m really liking a vintage feel to my crafting. It all started when I put the vintage snowmen on old saucers with snowballs for my Christmas show. Ever since then…I’ve been picking up vintage saucers and old silver pieces when out thrifting to put my creations on.

So I made some pincushions with bird’s nest on them…


then I glued it to a vintage saucer…added a painted fabric bird and a little shredded paper for the nest. And off this little birdie flew to a blogging friend for her birthday, but I will be making more of these for my upcoming shows this Fall.


Also going to do some other critters with pincushions like this little bear that is sitting on a vintage silver tray with a mouse pincushion. Not sure, but this one just might be staying here with me.


Love how the sun was peeking in when I took this photo. I’m going to enjoyed this sunny day…because we have another winter storm coming our way this weekend into Monday.

So if you can’t find me this weekend…I will be in my sewing/craft room playing.


Until next time…….          blessings from me to you, Cindy



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