~Little Changes in the Living Room~

Have you ever felt like you have way too much stuff in your home? That is how I’ve been feeling lately…so I have decided to go for a more simple look and only keep the pieces that I really love. It might take me a while to get things the way I want them, but I’m happy with the little changes that I made around the house so far.

This shelf that is above the sofa now has some empty spaces…where before it did not and more might be coming off of  it.


On the corner fireplace in the living room…I got rid of a huge candle holder and  moved the owls and the bird onto the little evergreen tree. Also removed a glass jar that was in the wood box and added a short candle in its place. Pretty sure that I will be removing more items from here too.


Here is what it looks like at night…


I replaced a huge white enamel tray with this smaller wood tray and I like it much better…gives it more of the farmhouse feel that I’m really wanting.


Left this gathering the way it was for now….but I will be putting up the bird nests soon.


I got my issue of Country Sampler’s Prairie Style yesterday in the mail…and I’m sure that it will give me inspiration.


Until next time…….I’ll be working on getting a more simple look in the dining room and kitchen.

***Not sure what is up with WordPress, but after posting this…the post before it reposted too. Last time I posted around 8 of them reposted. I hope they fix this problem soon. I’m also having problems with Blogger…I leave comments on your blogs and then I get an email saying that the comment failed to be delivered. Hope this gets fixed soon too.

blessings, Cindy





13 responses to “~Little Changes in the Living Room~

  • Celestina Marie

    Hi Cindy, Love your vignettes in the living room. The shelves with your sweet white pitchers is a gorgeous display. So pretty with the candle light too. I am in that same mood with taking things out and uncluttering. Your post has really inspired me once again. My new mag, Prairie Style arrived yesterday too and I started it last night. It is beautiful and I know I will be referring to it many times.

    Hope you have a nice evening. We are having storms here. Wishing you a great Mother’s Day weekend.

  • Sheila

    Cindy your sweet gatherings are always an inspiration! I know what you mean about having to much though, especially when I have to dust which is far to often!
    I sure hope that magazine is worth all my fuss and wait. I still haven’t received mine and I saw it at Walmart today! Never again will I pre-order from CS…………..
    Enjoy your Mother’s Day!

  • jan

    Hi Cindy! Yes, I think a lot of us have periods where we get overwhelmed how much stuff we have!, I am DETERMINED to clear out our third bedroom and have already taken a vanload of STUFF to a charity. he basement is looking a bit emptier as well as some came from there! I see another load in my future…your displays look wonderful and I do think you are achieving that look you want!!…Jan

  • Cheryl

    Always love seeing what changes you do with your decor. It all looks good! I need to do some uncluttering myself.
    Have a great Mother’s Day weekend.

  • Lavender Dreams

    You always put things together so well. I like the tray you used for one vignette. I feel like I have too much all the time…and walk through and take a few things away. But I don’t have room for storing things either. And I sure don’t want to get RID of things! haha! It’s a vicious circle around here! Your house always looks so neat and clean! Hugs!

  • Rondell

    I got your comment Cindy so it worked on my blog! I bought that issue at Walmart yesterday. I thought it would be all white homes but all were just beautiful! Paring down is so hard I think, maybe someday I’ll get it right<(

  • Roxie

    Hi Cynthia, It’s always nice to make some little changes around the house. The older I get, the less I need or want….simplify is my motto these last few years. I love the farmhouse and cottage look and your Spring look with the birds and nests are so pretty! The magazine is great…lots of different styles to enjoy! Blessings~~~Roxie

  • Gail

    I have been trying to simplify things around my household too and it’s so hard! Your vignettes look so pretty. I got my copy of the same magazine too and I love it! There is so much inspiration! I hope you have a wonderful weekend, Gail

  • The Farmer's Daughter

    Hi Cindy! I’m having the same problem with comments I leave and my replies. I have lots of them coming back to me. I thought it was Yahoo. Hope you get this one! Love what your doing with the living room! And, I love the two windows in the corner. I may copy you!

  • kelly

    It’s nice to purge things from time to time. The way I know if I have too much stuff out is if it starts looking like a store! LOL! At least you have a lot of stuff to choose from so you can just keep your favorites. You can also rotate things. Put stuff in storage and then swap things out from time to time. That’s what I do.

  • Jann Olson

    Cindy I feel this way now and then. I dejunk and then I bring home more from thrift or antique stores. lol! Had a Dr’s appt. today and after I hit our local thrift. Hadn’t been there in over a month. Brought home $25 worth of junk. I mean treasures! Hee-hee! Like the changes you made and I a drooling over that J&P Coats box.

  • Old Time Cindy

    Well, you know that I’m for the simple look! I have to get my hands on that magazine. Everyone has been talking about it.
    I just left a comment on someone’s blog and it published twice. I have never had that happen before. Really strange stuff going on with our blogs.

  • artandsand

    I like your fun changes and I love that double window in the corner. How fun that is to decorate around.

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