~Creating With Vintage Plates~

Spent a little time creating with some vintage plates that my sister gave to me…

She knew that I was wanting some vintage plates to create with and that I wasn’t having much luck finding any. She ended up founding some in a box of things that she was going to donate to our local thrift store.

I knew that I wanted to make some goodies for Spring…so I gathered up the vintage plates, some birds nest, birds, and glass domes…and went to work.

~Gave this one to my mom for Mother’s Day…


~Gave this one to my mother-in-law for Mother’s Day…


And I liked this one so much…that I decided to keep it for me.


So that leaves me with 3 left to go my shows this coming Fall.



I do have a few more plates…but I need to find some more glass domes. Luckily for me…the huge flea market is here in town this coming weekend and I’m hoping I can find some there.


Oh…..speaking of plates. I’ve had the same dishes since 1985 and they still look great, but I’ve been wanting white dishes for a long while now…and just look at what I found at the thrift store. Yep…white dishes and I got all of them for $35.00.


Well…I really should be going now as we have more storms coming in. Earlier this evening there was a tornado that touched down about 18 minutes from where we live. It flatten a hog farm…but the family went into their basement and they are all were okay. I really don’t like storm and dislike them even more at night when I can’t see what is coming at me. If any of you are having storms too…I hope you all stay safe.

Until next time……..         blessings, Cindy









10 responses to “~Creating With Vintage Plates~

  • Jann Olson

    Cindy, the cloche displays are darling! The plates are just perfect and I love how well you coordinated them. I am a bit jealous over your find of white dishes. I would love to find some ironstone but never run across it. I will just enjoy photos of yours. lol! Be safe and I hope the storm leaves quickly!

  • Cheryl

    Oh Cindy, love what you are doing with the little plates…….beautiful!
    I have also been thinking of changing my dishes, too, to all white. You really scored at the thrift store. Glad that family is okay that went through that tornado. I hate night storms myself and really any kind of severe weather! Blessings and take care.

  • Laurel@chippingwithcharm

    So sweet! And I love your new dishes too 🙂

  • Celestina Marie

    Hi Cindy, I love what you created with the vintage plates. What great gift ideas. I imagine your mom and mil loved these. What a great find on the white dishes too. They look great on your open shelves.
    Have fun at the flea market. Hope you find some great treasures!!
    Stay safe in the storms. We are into storm season too.
    Have a great weekend.
    p.s. glitches still on going. Your posts are arriving in my inbox but still not your comments.

  • earlene

    Your plates are so pretty like that Cindy.
    Stay safe…I know you hate those storms.
    We are in a freeze tonight. Had to bring all my annuals in.
    Have fun at the flea market.

  • JoAnne Weisser

    We are having a lot of storms and tornado sirens ~ it can be a little scary! I just love vintage plates and I love what you did with yours. The little nests are so sweet!

  • Judy Clark

    Love what you did with the vintage plates and glass cloches. Those will make beautiful and special gifts.

    Thanks for dropping by 20 North Ora.


  • lynn at shabby story

    the domed china is just adorable, cynthia:) the white dishes were such a great find! have fun at the flea–flea markets are my fav:) we just had a hail storm here–weird weather. stay safe!

  • The Farmer's Daughter

    How lovely and unique! I bet they sell quickly at your shows. Where did you find those unusual domes? I really like them. Your white dishes are the same pattern John and I use everyday! I have lots of other sets but the white ones are my favorites. Can’t go wrong with white. And, like everyone else is saying, we’re all having weird weather! It was 44 degrees this morning. Normally, it should be around 70 or 80. Good thing I didn’t put the blankies up for the summer.
    Stay safe and have a great time at the flea market!

  • artandsand

    What a great deal on those white dishes.

    Love the idea of the vintage plates with the domes. I have a dome so now I just need to find a cute plate.

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