~A Little Sewing and A Little Decorating~

~A Little Sewing~

A few weeks ago…I went to a quilt shop hop with a my friend Linda and I picked up this pattern to make a Suzy Sack.


And I just finished my Suzy Sack today…


It has a strap in the back of the bag that goes thru a loop on your jeans.


This little bag can hold my iPhone, my change purse, and my keys…and a few other little things.


I think this will be a great little bag to carry when I go junking & thrifting…and at my craft shows in the Fall. Since it will be attached to my jeans…I will know exactly where it is at all times.

Now for ~A Little Decorating~

A friend of mine…gave me a handmade crochet wash cloth and some old measuring spoons for my birthday that was back in March.


I couldn’t bring myself to use the wash cloth just yet…so I put it and the old measuring spoons on my kitchen scale.


My friend Karen and I were just recently able to get together…we went to lunch and she gave me my gift then. We hadn’t seen each other in a while…because her husband has cancer and he will be having surgery later this week.


My little bear is holding framed angel wings…as I say a prayer for both of them tonight.

Until next time………         blessings, Cindy




10 responses to “~A Little Sewing and A Little Decorating~

  • Celestina Marie from Southern DayDreams

    Hi Cindy, Love your Suzy Sack. How wonderful is this? Love the fabric and details. Perfect for a junkin trip to keep you hands free to shop.
    Pretty touches in your decor too. Love the old spoons and dish cloth. Those are the best for doing dishes!! Love your darling bear holding framed angel wings. Hope all goes well for your friend and her husband.
    God Bless.
    Have a great Wednesday!

  • Kelly

    I love your suzy sack! I could use one of those when I go to festivals etc. I don’t like to carry my heavy purse. Great idea!

  • Cheryl

    The Suzy Sack turned out great………love the material you used.
    Your decor is looking good!

  • Judy Clark

    Always nice to get gifts from a friend. Love your Suzy bag. Saying a prayer for your friend and her husband.


  • Suzan

    How could ” this ” Suzy never heard of a Suzy Sack ? Love it !
    And just adore your Teddy – if strangers prayers help at all – I’m joining you in them
    Much love,

  • Debbie

    that little sack would be great to take to Shipsee this summer!! You did a wonderful job on yours. I love your new profile picture…very nice.
    The little Teddy with the angel wings is adorable, Cindy. What a great reminder to pray.
    Have a fun weekend.

  • lynn at shabby story

    you did such a great job on the cute, and useful bag, cindy! love the neutral dishcloth…and the scales:) the bear with the framed wings is sweet–prayers to your friend’s husband:)

  • Roxie

    That Suzy sack is sooo sweet! I’ve never heard of them called that before! Yours is too cute and I especially love the ones showing in the bright, cheerful colors. I like yours because it’s neutral too~~~These would do great at a craft show~~~I also love the scale and your decor on it….very nice. Have a blessed weekend Cindy…(sorry, I haven’t been by too much lately…sooo busy with that cottage) Also, how big are these Suzy sacks?

  • artandsand

    Your vignette is lovely. I love the texture with the burlap and the grater together.

  • Fonda Rush

    I would love to make a Suzy Sack. Any information you can give me so I can find one would be appreciated.

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