~Ima’s Pretty White and Blue Pitcher~

My youngest daughter and I did a little thrifting earlier in the week…

I only found this one thing and I love it.


This piece just spoke to my heart and I love the soft blue wash that it has.  When I turned it over to see how much it was…this is what I saw on the bottom of the pitcher.


I smile and whispered to myself….

Dear Ima, I love this beautiful pitcher that you made many years ago (when I was only 19 years old) and I feel so blessed to add your piece into my collection of white pitchers.


Until next time…….

Farmhouse blessing from me to all of you….Cindy









16 responses to “~Ima’s Pretty White and Blue Pitcher~

  • Crafty Home Cottage

    What an excellent find, great job 🙂

  • artandsand

    About the time Ima was making her pitcher, I was into painting ceramics. I still have a pitcher I made then.

  • Lavender Dreams

    It really is beautiful. I loved doing ceramics back in the ’70s but didn’t keep much of what I made. This is special! Happy weekend!

  • kelly

    How about that? You found someone’s handmade pitcher! Very pretty.

  • Angela Phillips

    Wow! Such a special pitcher and a beauty too! Love it and thanks for sharing.

  • Celestina Marie from Southern DayDreams

    Hi Cindy, what a pretty pitcher! I am sure it was meant to be that it live with you. How special it now has a new home with you who will love it for the care and time Ima put into making it. Her work lives on.
    My mother also did ceramics in the 70’s and I started out doing them too back in the early 80’s before I studied decorative art. It is amazing how many similar strokes are the same.

    Thank you for stopping by and your kind comments. I am still not receiving your comments in my inbox to reply, but I do get each one on the dashboard and appreciate your visits.

    Have a great weekend.

  • Cheryl

    Love the pitcher and your story about it.

  • Holly

    What an awesome find! Neat story. Love it.

  • earlene

    Your pitcher is very pretty Cindy!! Looks great in your house.

  • must love junk

    So pretty with the soft blue! There are initials on the bottom of my 2 pitchers I just got, too! Gotta love the handmade goodies 🙂

  • Jann Olson

    I’m sure she is smiling that someone else is loving her pitcher! I have one that one of my friends was going to give to a thrift shop. She had made it for her grandmother and engraved on the bottom. I couldn’t believe she was willing to give it up. I even asked her a while back if she wanted it again. She smiled and said, no, I’m happy that you love it!

  • Roxie

    Hi Cindy, now that is one sweet, precious pitcher~~~Ima would be very happy you have it~~~Blessings, Roxie

  • Trace

    What a precious treasure.
    Great score friend
    Woolie Hugs

  • Betsy

    I’m sure Ima would be so happy to know that her beautiful handmade pitcher has found a loving new home.

  • Suzan

    How beautiful !
    I remember that craze so well – I did a piece a week I think back in the early 80’s and don’t have one item left to show for it!
    Maybe somewhere in North America someone has something I made 🙂
    I just love when an item has been personalized – makes it more precious
    ( like a hidden note tucked in a drawer of a second hand dresser!!! )

  • Debbie

    That is one of the sweetest little pitchers I’ve ever seen, Cindy!
    I’m glad you found it! Enjoy.

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