~Dining Room~

Thought I would share my dining room…since I’ve never really shown the whole room in a post before.

This picture was taken a couple of years ago…when we first put up the jar chandelier.

D-1 (2)

Then I found the blue mason jars…love them!


My hubby made the quilt rack for me many years ago…and the first quilt that started me collecting old quilts hangs from it.


To the left of the quilt is my firkin’ collection with a Santos Cage Angel…they are sitting on an small vintage chair/bench that I found at a yard sale.


Which is right beside the China Cupboard from Ikea…that holds my grandmother’s pear collection.


Close-up of the top of the cupboard.


Now…let’s go to the right of the quilt.

This is where the old jeweler’s cupboard sits…that has my jewelry making supplies in it. This was a family piece that was giving to me by my mother-in-law…it belonged to my husband’s grandfather. He was a jeweler for many years…and I have his jeweler tools too.


Then to the right of the jeweler cupboard is an old ironing board with an apron made from vintage fabric…it was a gift made by a family member down in Tennessee.


Now for what is on the wall across from the quilt…straight across is the opening into the kitchen.


To the left on the wall in the dining room is a rolling pin shelf that was made by a follow blogger.


And to the right on the wall is a vintage peg rack…next to this on the back wall is the glass siding doors that go out to the back yard.


Hope you enjoyed seeing my dining room.

Until next time…….        blessings from me to you, Cindy










12 responses to “~Dining Room~

  • Celestina Marie

    Hi Cindy, Your dining room is beautiful. Love all your rustic and farmhouse treasures. The quilt rack is wonderful and the view into your kitchen is so charming. What a beautiful room. Great cabinet from ikea and the rolling pin shelf is very creative.

  • Lecia Stevenson

    Hi Cindy, your dining room is lovely! I really love those mason jar chandaliers. Looking at your Dining Room is like looking at a prim magazine. hugs, Lecia

  • blhitchcock0301

    So love the country kitchen. I had one of those for years and changed to more contemporary. Now I miss my red kitchen. I love yours. I absolutely love those lights! That I want to do in one of my bedrooms. Did you do it yourself?

  • Teresa Fredenburg

    Love your dining room and that mason jar chandy is wonderful!!! I loved looking at all your decor, thanks for sharing.

  • kelly

    I like all of your primitive accessories used throughout your dining room and kitchen. They all have wonderful stories behind them.

  • Cheryl

    Everything is looking good……..love it!!

  • Lavender Dreams

    It’s beautiful with all of your special finds and treasures. I love the chandy and the shelves and pegs for displaying things. The last photo has my favorite angel. I should try to make one. Is this the one your sister made? Enjoy your week! Sweet hugs, Diane

  • linda56

    love your light over the table…..I have a firkin collection like yours downstairs…..I am thinking about selling it….only I don’t know how much to sell it for…..thanks for sharing the whole room with us all….you have a lot of great treasures…..

  • Ana

    Hi Cindy,
    Your mason jar chandelier is awesome, I love it. You have so many wonderful treasures at every corner. I enjoyed your tour of your dining room. Thanks for sharing and thanks for stopping by for a visits. Wishing you a wonderful evening.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  • artandsand

    Your dining room is great, but I love that mason jar lamp the most.

  • Jann Olson

    Cindy, love all of the primitives in your dining room. the blue jars are fabulous and I tell you, I love, love your firkins! Thanks for sharing your lovely room with us!

  • lynn at shabby story

    beautiful dining room, cymthia! love the your lighting and great cabinet esp:) and the angel against your quilt is awesome!

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