~Busy, Busy…6 Weeks Until My First Fall Show~

My show season will be here before I know it…so I spent most of the day in my sewing/craft room planning and working on things for my two upcoming Fall shows.


Little Zoey was so happy when I decided to take a break and sit in the recliner for a bit.


I stopped by the thrift store yesterday to look for a glass dome for one of the vintage pieces that I’m making for my shows. I did find the glass dome…


…and I also found a beautiful blue and white pitcher.


When my daughter saw the new pitcher that I got…she said that I needed this white ribbon with blue polka-dots on it that she had found in her craft supplies. So I decided to make it into a slash for my dress-form and added a piece of jewelry to it. Thinking I will keep it on there thru the end of Summer.


I’ll share some of the jewelry pieces that I’m making on my next post.


Until next time…….         blessings, Cindy


11 responses to “~Busy, Busy…6 Weeks Until My First Fall Show~

  • Trace

    Love the sweet polka dots from your daughter..
    Your necklace is awesome too.
    Woolie Hugs

  • Cheryl

    More little touches of blue………love it! Very nice necklace.
    Starting to get ready for my shows, too.

  • Sheila

    You always find such awesome treasures when out and about! Love your displays.

  • Celestina Marie

    Hi Cindy, I know it is a busy time for you creating for your shows. Zoey is too cute and I an sure loves it when you take a break. Can’t wait to see your jewelry pieces. Have fun creating.

    Thank you for stopping by and your kind comment. I am so glad to be done with my project and can’t believe I waited so long to start this last room of cabinets. It is so much brighter now.


  • Celestina Marie

    Forgot to say the ribbon sash from your daughter is perfect on your dress form. Love the dome too.

  • Lavender Dreams

    The ribbon looks very pretty and I like your new pitcher. It’s so much fun to find things we like when we shop. LOVE this new necklace! Can’t wait to see some more. You know I love the one you made me! I wear it all the time and get so many compliments! Sweet hugs, Diane

  • Kris@Junkchiccottage

    Have fun Cindy getting ready for your upcoming show. I know you will come up with some beautiful pieces.

  • kelly

    Seems like this time of year rolls around so fast! I know how busy you must be right now. I always enjoy seeing your creations. Love the blue ribbon on your dress form!

  • artandsand

    I can’t believe you can head into a thrift shop with an exact thing in mind and actually find it.

    Love that dress form!

  • must love junk

    Pretty finds! Zoey is adorable 🙂

  • Jann Olson

    Oh my gosh Cindy, I have a pitcher just like that one only yellow. I was at my friends house one day and she had it in her thrift donation box. She had made it years ago in a ceramic class for her grandmother. It’s even signed on the bottom. I couldn’t believe she was getting rid of it. She said, “take it if you want”. I grabbed it up. lol! A couple of years ago I asked her if she wanted it back and she still said no.

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