~Crafting and A Trip to the Flea Market~

I’ve been so busy…

I made a Fall table runner for my mother…have an embroidery job for a local jewelry store that I need to finish up putting their logo on some shirts…and I’ve been crocheting more ruffled scarves to replace that ones that I sold at my last show.


But I took a break today and went to the Flea Market Extravaganza here in town out at the fairgrounds. They do this show twice a year…in the Spring and then again in the Fall. My favorite part of this show is the Vintage Market Place…

I loved this dress form and the necklaces that were on it…might just have to decorate my dress form with some necklaces like this one.


Also loved the white pumpkin that is sitting on this white cupboard…it was made out of a white chenille bedspread. I have some white chenille that a blogging friend gave me, so I know that I will be making me one of these pumpkins and I think that I might have to put some bling on mine.


There was a lot of Fall goodies at the show and the weather was great…it was in the upper 60’s to the low 70’s with a cool breeze and it felt like a perfect Fall day.


I only purchased a couple of little things…

I couldn’t pass up this little aqua pumpkin…just love it!!


It was made out of a Jello mold…it’s stem is a sewing spool and it also has buttons, paper flowers and a leaf on it. I have it displayed with a ticking pumpkin that I got last year at a show that I did.


The only other think I purchased was a bag of old buttons to use in making my Vintage Style Necklaces. Can’t wait to use some of them.


Well…I’m off to get some rest…the flea market was huge this year, so we did a lot of walking and my feet and legs are really not liking me right now. All the walking has flared up my restless leg syndrome…so I have a feeling that it might be a long time, plus it looks like we have a thunderstorm heading our way too.

Until next time…….          blessings, Cindy










12 responses to “~Crafting and A Trip to the Flea Market~

  • earlene

    Looks like a great flea Market Cindy!!!

  • Lavender Dreams

    That sure looks like fun. I have some white chenille, too….what a good idea! Enjoy your day….take it easy today! Hugs, Diane

  • Cheryl

    Love those pictures……..wish I could have been there! I have a bunch of chenille that I need to use too…….maybe pumpkins will be in the making!
    Really love that Jello mold pumpkin………I have a bunch of those molds laying around here somewhere…….you are giving me ideas!!

  • Kris@Junkchiccottage

    Oh Cindy such great eye candy. I bet it was a great time.

  • kelly

    Sounds like a fun day! I love going to outdoor flea markets like that. Now is the season for a lot of them too. Love the cute little aqua pumpkin you bought. I think making a white chenille fabric one would look sweet too! Good thing you can sew. You probably get so many ideas when you go shopping.

  • Celestina Marie

    Hi Cindy, looks like you had a fun fall day at the market. Love your pics. Your scarf is gorgeous and I love that color. I made many of those for gifts the last few years. I also just love the mold tin pumpkin you got and had an idea for those since I have so many tins. I did finish a few sweater pumpkins today and had so much fun. Have another great show and fun creating and getting ready. I know you are busy but glad you had some time to get out to the market too.

  • Jann Olson

    Cindy, I saw a white chenille pumping the other day and loved it as well. I have had my eyes for a chenille spread for a long time, but no luck yet. The jello mold pumpkin is so unique.

  • Old Time Cindy

    Love the look of your scarf that you’re making. I’ve been to that flea market once (or twice?) and it is huge so I can imagine you needing some rest. But it does have a lot of eye candy for sure.
    Farmhouse hugs,

  • linda56

    love a good flea market and what a great day for it cindy……you are so busy all the time so this was the perfect break……wish there was time for more of these before the snow flies….shoot ….did I just say snow flies….fall should last for at least 6 months in my world….and winter only a month….lol…hope you have a great day….love the scarf too….

  • Betsy

    This is my idea of a fun day. Eye candy everywhere and good weather to make it all enjoyable.

  • blhitchcock0301

    Looks like a great day of pickin’. I could have made a day of it, that’s for sure! It’s been awhile since I’ve had one of these days. I’m long overdue!

  • must love junk

    Love that show, even though I haven’t been in awhile! Your ruffled scarves are so pretty! Great finds 🙂

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