~And Down They Came~

There was a lot of noise around our home last week. We had four dead Ash Trees in our yard and had them cut down. They started with the big tree out back…


Had a little problem when this tree came down. The workers accidentally cut our internet and cable TV line. They were wonderful about getting someone out the next day to get it fixed.

This next photo is of the huge tree that was out front…by the time I took the picture, they had already cut a lot of the limbs off.


They put the ropes up in the tree and attached the ropes to the back of their truck and then drove the truck forward to pull the tree down.


It sure was a big bomb when the tree hit the ground!!


They put a rubber trash can over our lamp-post to protect it. I thought for sure the tree was going to take it down when the tree came falling down…but it just missed it. They weren’t worried, but I sure was!


Just couldn’t believe how big this tree trunk was…4 feet wide.

I was really sad to see these trees go, but they had to come down since they were dead. All the Ash trees in our neighborhood are dead…it is so sad that the Ash Borer Beetle has killed all of them. We have heard that there will be no more live Ash trees in the state of Ohio within the next year.

We will be planting a new tree in the front yard next Spring…thinking about a Bradford Pear tree. We don’t need to plant a new one in the backyard…we have a beautiful Maple tree out there already and it should be starting to show it’s pretty Fall colors here soon.

Had my show on this past Sunday…it was a very cold and windy day!!


This is the only photo that I took, because right after getting my booth  set up…we  got a huge gust of wind and it knocked a back drop board into my displays and one of my tables fell over and merchandise went everywhere…down to the ground!! Luckily…nothing broke and several ladies that were in the booth helped my sister and I get things back into place. Despite the wind…I did have a great show.

Now to get ready for my big Christmas show that is in 7 weeks.

Until next time…….       blessings from me to you, Cindy






10 responses to “~And Down They Came~

  • Fonda Rush

    It’s too bad about the Ash trees in Ohio (like the Dutch Elms before them). About the Bradford Pear: At the risk of being indelicate, I have heard that they have weak crotches and tend to split easily. You might want to ask a pro about that. Other than that, just look at them! What beautiful specimens!

  • JoAnne Weisser

    Same thing here ~ luckily we only had one dead ash tree in our backyard that we just had cut down. It is amazing how big trees can get and how long they can live. I’m glad you had a good show after the wind fiasco and it’s so nice to hear that the other ladies helped you and your sister!

  • Celestina Marie

    Hi Cindy, so happy you had a great show last Sunday. I remember those wind bursts. So glad nothing broke and you got right back up and running.

    Wow you had some big trees to take down. The pic of the tree with the man standing by really shows the size. I bet it looks a bit bare right now till you replace with other trees. Too bad about the Ash trees.

    Have fun getting ready for your Christmas showing.
    Happy Creating.

  • Lavender Dreams

    Those were huge trees. I know you’re glad to get them down before the wind blows them down. Enjoy your week sweet friend! Hugs, Diane

  • kelly

    Doggone those beetles! Sorry to hear about that problem with your ash trees. We’ve had similar issues with different plants here too. Having trees cut down is expensive too! Glad your show was successful despite the wind. I know when my kids were little I would place a lot of Halloween decorations in the yard and the wind would always knock them down. I won’t be doing that this year, so I don’t have to worry about that anymore.

  • Old Time Cindy

    I always feel bad when a tree has to come down. Glad your show went well despite the weather. It’s good that you have 7 weeks to prepare for the next one.

  • Jann Olson

    Wow Cindy, those were big trees. So sad to lose them. I have an ash planted out back. I’ve heart that they are acceptable to the borer beetle. Bradford Pear trees are so pretty in the Spring. Glad you show went well!

  • Debbie

    We’ve lost our Ash trees too. It’s a shame. It looks so bare when they take the trees out.
    Glad to hear your show went well, inspite of the wind.
    Have a good Saturday, Cindy.

  • must love junk

    Wow-those trees are huge!! Glad that you had a good show 🙂

  • Pam

    No no to Pear Trees. Pretty to look at when in bloom. Then it’s downhill. The branches fall off with a little wind, the blooms mess up your cars plus they stink! Admire them from afar!

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