~A Fall Day at the Park~

I think we are having a touch of Indian Summer here. It has been in the mid to upper 70’s the last few days. So we decided yesterday to go to the park…which is only 10 to 15 minutes from where we live and the crazy thing is that we haven’t gone over there in years, but we’ve decided to try to go hiking there more often.

As you first enter the park…you will see the huge main house and then the old barn.


We decided to drive down to the lower area of the park…where we would start our hike and we passed the lake on our way down there. We still have some pretty Fall colors here, even though we are just past peak with the colors.


Not long into our walk…we spotted this beautiful mushroom.


We walked up the hiking trail to the Falls, but when we got up there… there was no water was running thru there at all. So we hiked down towards the lake and it was really pretty peaking thru the trees.


We had a wonderful walk in the park and are hoping that we might get a few more hikes in before the cold weather sets back in here in Ohio.

Happy Fall Y’all…


Until next time…..

blessings from me to you…     ~Cindy




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