~Twas Two Weeks Before Christmas~

Twas 2 weeks before Christmas…


And all thru my house…


Not a creature was stirring…


Not even a mouse…


After decorating the server with all my little mice…all the lights on the greenery burned out. So off to Lowes I went and lucky for me…there was one box of lighted greenery left. I spend part of today redoing the lighted greenery and putting the mice back out on display. I’ve been putting these little mice out each Christmas since my granddaughter was born 14 years ago…and now my 4-year-old grandson loves seeing all of them too…and I think my granddaughter still loves seeing them too!

Be back in a few days to share the rest of my Christmas decor. I’m now headed to the kitchen to make a big pot of soup for dinner.

Christmas blessings from me to you…..      ~Cindy






7 responses to “~Twas Two Weeks Before Christmas~

  • Kelly

    I’m glad that you found some lighted greenery. Your display looks very pretty. We had homemade soup for dinner too! I plan on sharing the recipe too.

  • earlene

    I have half my tree lights out. I need to find brown cord lights.
    Good thing you found yours and it all looks so pretty Cindy.
    Pot of soups sounds yummy! What kind?

  • Lavender Dreams

    I love looking closer to see all of your pretty things. I played with my baker’s rack today but I don’t have twinkle lights! Your display looks wonderful with lights! Holiday hugs, Diane

  • Celestina Marie

    Hi Cindy, So love this post and how pretty your home looks for Christmas. So glad Lowe’s had another set of lights. The mice are so sweet and what a special tradition you’ve started for your grands. The soup sounds like a great idea for the weekend.
    Christmas Blessings to you too.

  • Cheryl

    Glad you found your lighted greenery……your display looks great! I made soup for dinner too……..homemade chicken noodle. Enjoy the rest of your evening. Hugs!

  • artandsand

    I love the traditions of Christmas. My daughter teases me about my decorating, but she also complains if I omit something from Christmas.

    Hope your soup turned out great!

  • Must love junk

    Love that lighted greenery! 🙂

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