~A Love For Blue Ball Mason Jars~

Thought I would share with you today my love of Blue Ball Mason jars that I have displayed in my home.


I have some displayed in my kitchen on the counters…

K-3 (3)

Yep…the little lights are tiny mason jars.


Also…have a sign in my kitchen with blue mason jars that light up. I love how it looks lite up at night.


Now…we are off to the dining room. I have a mason jar chandelier that I got from Lowes. It came with clear mason jars…

D-1 (2)

…and I changed them out for blue mason jars.


Also have a small blue mason jar on a shelf in the dining room.


Now…we are into the living room and I have another small blue mason jar picture that lights up.


Also have a little mason jar with a spool of lace inside of it…out on display.


Then across the living room on our corner fireplace…I have a mason jar with an old rusty funnel on it and a tiny mason jar with little white flowers in it.


And lastly…you might remember that I made mason jar necklaces to sell at my shows.


They were a hit and I still have a few left over for this year’s shows.


Hope you enjoyed seeing my collection of Blue Ball Mason jars.

Until next time……

blessings from me to you…..     ~Cindy













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