~A Birthday Party for a little Super Hero~

My little grandson had his birthday party this past Saturday.


He turned 5 years old and it is so hard to believe that he will go to kindergarten this coming Fall.

The theme of his party this year was Super Mario.


Before I share more pictures of the party…I want to show you what my daughter got me from a gentleman that makes these and sells them on Etsy.


It was perfect for me to use while making Peyton’s birthday cupcakes.


This next picture is the inspiration for the birthday cake that I made.

PPC-2 *photo from Pinterest*

Here is the cake that I made…


Just ignore the stuff in the past-thru to the kitchen…we had that all cleaned up before the guest got to the party.


The cake was so large that I couldn’t get a picture with both the cupcakes and cake into one photo.


Peyton had a great birthday with lots of his family and friends…but he got a little shy when we sang “Happy Birthday” to him.


Until next time….

blessings from me to you….        ~Cindy







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