~Changing Things Out in the Printer’s Box~

I’ve had a printer’s box hanging on the wall in my living room for several years with lots of miniatures that was collected over the years…but it is time for a change.


So the printers box got a new look with some printer block letters and old vintage pieces of jewelry. I actually found these printer block letters at JoAnn Fabrics. I was thrill to find them, because I have been looking for old ones with no luck for several years and these block letters have that old look to them.


I also kept a few miniatures that I got on a couple of special trips that we took. A mini horse and buggy from when we went to Amish Country and a mini Mackinaw Bridge from our trip to Mackinaw Island. Two mini dogs for our beloved pets that we’ve had…and a silver Hershey Kiss that my hubby gave me many years ago. Also kept a few sewing miniatures and 2 tiny angels.


And of course, my Junk sign made out of scrabble tiles.


Hope everyone is having a great week.

Until next time….       Blessings from me to you, ~Cindy


12 responses to “~Changing Things Out in the Printer’s Box~

  • Southern DayDreams from Celestina Marie Design

    Hi Cindy, Love the change you gave to your printers box. The junk sign is so cute. Adding vintage jewelry is a great idea. My printers box is in my sewing room/laundry and I keep my thimble collection in it. I should spell out thimbles with the scrabble tiles. You have inspired me.
    Hugs, CM

  • Angela

    Love it Cindy. Love the old letters. Will have to check out JoAnns. I have had a printers drawer forever. It is in my craft room right now holding stamps. Yours looks great. Hoping Spring has arrived in Ohio and all is well.

  • kelly

    I’ve always liked those printer boxes like that. Such a good idea to put those letter stamps in there that you found. They really do look old.

  • Judy Clark

    Love your printer’s box! Fun to change it around.


  • Carol Cook

    You lost me right in the middle of your post when you said you found the letters at Joann’s. I headed over to their nline site, but didn’t find them. Are they a recent purchase.

    Love the tray.

  • Trace

    Stinkin cool.
    I love redoing..almost as good as shopping.
    Woolie hugs

  • Cheryl

    Love your changes and those letters you found! Will have to check them out at my nearest Joanne’s. I have a JUNK sign out of Scrabble letters too! Hugs

  • Lavender Dreams

    These are so much fun with minis. And mine has seashells. I would love to make another one! Enjoy your week! Hugs, Diane

  • Nana Diana

    I used to have a lot of minis but have let many of them go over the years. My hubby had a printer when he was a kid and his brother has the whole set up he had -including the printer box. Wish I had it–but–oh-well!

    I saved the minis that have some special meaning for me, too.

    Thank you for stopping by and leaving me comments, Cindy. I don’t have a direct email for you. xo Diana

  • Debbie

    Your printers box is full of interesting treasures, Cindy. what a great way to display things collected from fun trips! Love the block letters.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  • Betsy

    What a fun and creative way to display some of your tiny treasures. Love the block letters, the old ones really are getting hard to find.

  • Pam

    My sister emptied hers completely and hung over a bed. Looks good. I still have mine completely full of little items from childhood, etc. I too need to update mine and I also have a thimble collection so think I may empty it and put only thimbles in it. Thanks for the idea!

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