~Changes in the Dining Room and some Jewelry Pieces~

Why is it that things never go the way you planned. I was doing great with getting the wallpaper border down and then I got some pain in my right hip and foot…so I haven’t been doing any wallpaper removal. Hope to get back at it this coming week.

While taking it easy…I went searching online for a new farmhouse print to put in our dining room and I really like the one I got.


Why was I looking for something new to go up above the quilt…you ask? My hubby dropped the shutter as he was taking it down for me to remove the wallpaper border. It broke the word blessings into several pieces and there was no fixing it.


I had shared this photo below on my blog a few post back…and my granddaughter really liked the plaque with the saying on it…”It is Well With my Soul”.


So I went out to my favorite shop to see if they had another one…but no luck. However…I found a white one without the saying, so I kept that one for me and gave the aqua one to my granddaughter. Needless to say…she was thrilled to get it.


Well…it is getting to that time of year that I need to be thinking about what I’m going to be making jewelry wise for my upcoming 2 shows. After 30 years of doing craft shows…I have decided to let all of them go, but 2 small one day shows…one in September and one in October…and I might try to find a small one day Christmas show.

Thought you might like to see where I keep all the necklaces that I make and keep for myself.


I did a little jewelry making this past week for a bride-to-be. The bride’s grandmother gave her some of her old jewelry pieces to put on a flower…that was then pinned onto one side of the waist of the bride’s dress. All the colored netting pieces were the colors of each one of her bridesmaid’s dresses. Needless to say…she loved it.


Until next time….

Blessings from me to you…    ~Cindy



6 responses to “~Changes in the Dining Room and some Jewelry Pieces~

  • Celestina Marie

    Hi Cindy, sure hope you feel better. No fun getting s sudden pain like that. Love the new art piece over the quilt. How special you found another treasure like the one your grand loves. Beautiful pin for the bride. Have a nice weekend. Take care and feel better soon.
    Hugs cm

  • Kelly

    I just love that pin you made knowing the background history of it! I bet that looked so nice and gave her something old to wear. So sorry to hear about your hip hurting. I get hip pain every now and then from bursitis. It’s very painful and can strike either hip at random for no known reason. Ugh! I have to ice it and take ibuprofen and rest it whenever it flares up. I’ve had it off and on for years. I hope your hip gets better soon! Climbing up and down a ladder is definitely not good for it.

  • Lynne

    Loving your new changes Cindy. 😀

  • Cheryl

    Love that pin you made………very unique!
    Hope the hip is getting better…….take care my friend

  • artandsand

    That quilt is gorgeous.

    I can totally identify with your pains. It seems like I get a new one every single day. Feel better!

  • Nana Diana

    I love that new piece above the quilt. Do you know where it is from? Love the quilt,too!
    That piece you made for the bride is just gorgeous. I bet she absolutely loved it because of the meaning behind it. xo Diana

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