~A Little Bit of This and That~

As I’m sitting here writing this blog post…I am looking out the window to a pretty sunny day, but a very cold day. It is 18 degrees and we are expecting more snow tomorrow.


I’m thinking it will be a good day tomorrow to snuggle with the Yorkie girls…

BS-11…and read a book.


Yes…I am a big fan of Nicholas Sparks.


I might even look thru some of my decorating books and magazines.


Maybe I’ll dream about going somewhere warm until Winter is over…


…but most likely, I will be in my sewing/crafting room making some curtains for the big window in there. I do have blinds up, but I’ve been wanting to make curtains for my work room for a long time. I think that tomorrows snowy day is the perfect day to make them, because I’m not going anywhere with snow coming.


Until next time…. Hugs and Blessings from me to you, ~Cindy




7 responses to “~A Little Bit of This and That~

  • Southern DayDreams, Celestina Marie

    Hi Cindy, beautiful vignettes in your home. Your snowy day tomorrow will be perfect to work on your curtains. Can’t wait to see how they turn out.
    Have a great week and stay warm. xo

  • Angie

    Good Afternoon my friend …You best snuggle up those furry cuties as it is ugly cold here , I am totally over winter ! I love your vignettes especially that lantern . I can’t wait to see your finished curtain , happy snuggling and stitching ~hugs Angie

  • Carol Cook

    We had rain yesterday and it is back again. I am loving it and I am enjoying the time to read, fluff, relax and in a little while do some baking. We haven’t had winter for several years so I am actually enjoying it.

    I enjoy Nicholas Sparks books too on a day like this!

  • Angela

    I have that kind of day today Cindy. It’s been a cold one for sure but snow—- a little bit in the forecast for north of us in the Ga mts. Love the hour glass and is that a lamp beside it? You have some of the neatest things. Stay warm and enjoy

  • Pam

    It is freezing here as well in Nashville and snow predicted tomorrow! I love your lace trim(is that what it is?) on the old spools. I have several I have had in storage for a long time and would love to use again now that I see yours. If you have other ideas for what to put on them will you please share? I don’t sew! LOL!! I will be working on a project tomorrow too! Enjoy your day inside!!

  • kelly

    The weather here isn’t too pretty either. Ugh! Speaking of Nicholas Sparks, did you know another movie is coming out from one of his books? It’s called The Choice. I just saw a movie trailer of it and it looks good. Check it out!

  • Betsy

    Sounds like a wonderful way to spend a cold and snowy winter day.

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