Monthly Archives: March 2016

~Spring Has Arrived~

This is what I saw on the first day of Spring…when I opened up the curtains.


So I decided it was time to do some Spring/Easter decorating. I really like how the corner fireplace turned out.


The rabbits are from Hobby Lobby…they were gray, but I gave them a makeover…painting them white.

This next gathering is on the console table that sits in front of the huge window in the living room. I just added a couple of little Spring pillows and put some burlap eggs in my yarn basket on one end of the table…


…and this is the gathering on the other end of the console table. The swan was a gift from a blogging friend and the beautiful nest was also a gift from another blogging friend. I made the sunflower on the rusty spring.


This next picture is on the other side of the living room. The bunny on the white ironstone plate is from a blogging friend too. The milk jugs in the wire basket was a gift from my sister for Christmas.


I even added a little bit of Spring/Easter in the dining room. I put some burlap flowers and some tiny white & chocolate eggs in my Pottery Barn 3 tier tray.


Spring is one of my favorite times of the year. Why you ask?…Because I was born on Easter Sunday many years ago. My mom loves to tease me, because she went in labor while trying to eat her Easter dinner…but had to go the hospital instead.

Just have to share this cute little shirt that I embroidered for my friend’s granddaughter for Easter…also made one for her little grandson just like this one.


Wishing everyone a Happy Easter and a wonderful Spring.

Until next time….blessings from me to you, ~Cindy


~35 Years of Doing Shows~

Wow…did these 35 years of doing shows go by fast, but I have decided that the time has come to retire from doing shows and I’m looking forward to going to the shows as a customer.

Thought I would share some photos of my booth over the years.

~Sauerkraut Festival~

These photos are from when I first started doing shows in 1980.


It was the biggest outdoor show that I did over the years. It sure did draw a huge crowd!!


I also did some smaller shows too…that were closer to home. My customers used to  call me “The Pin Lady”, because of all the pins I made back in the 80’s.



I was also called “The Towel Lady”…because of all the dish towels that I put machine embroidery on.

~Spring Fling~


~National Holiday Gift Show~

Loved the Christmas Shows…they always looked so pretty all decorated for the Holidays.


My mother-in-law gave me the window display and I can’t tell you how many vendors and costumers tried to buy this piece from me. It just might end up being display in my home.


This window display was a great piece to have…it worked great for my small shows. My embroidered dish towels were a big hit too.

Here is what my booth looked liked at my last Christmas show in 2014.


And this last photo is of the last show that I did this past Fall…at my favorite shop. My jewelry was a big hit at this show. The owner does a Fall show every September and I’m looking forward to be a customer there this year.

~Autumn in the Country~


I’m not sure what the future holds for me now that I’m not doing shows any more, but I’m looking forward to finding out.

Until next time….blessings from me to you.  ~Cindy