Daily Archives: April 4, 2016

~Another Year Older~

Yes…I’m another year older!! Funny how that is…I don’t feel any older. Mr. D and I got yummy cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory a few days before my birthday and then on my birthday…we had dinner at Olive Garden. Then a few days after my birthday…my granddaughter came over to spend the day with me…she was on her Spring break from school. We watched a few Nicolas Sparks movies. It was a fun day!

A dear blogging friend sent me some wonderful birthday gifts that I just had to share with everyone. Love this rag wreath that Cheryl made…it is so pretty. I like how it looks in this old wood tray I have in our living room.


I saw this photo on Pinterest….where they hung windows in the hallway and put a wreath on one of the windows. I have several old windows and I just might do this in my hallway.

WOWW *Pinterest Photo

Cheryl also gave me this sweet little angel. Love the saying…”Let the stars remind you that you always have a friend in me”.


Thank you…dear friend for the wonderful birthday gifts.


Hope everyone has a wonderful evening.

Until next time…..blessings from me to you.  ~Cindy