Daily Archives: May 9, 2016

~Yorkie Tote Bag~

As most of you that follow my blog…you know that I love my little Yorkies.

Here is my sweet little Chloe…she smiles when I talk to her.


And this is little Zoey…who loves to look out the front window and watch what is going on outside.


A few years ago…I made this little Yorkie ornie and it hangs on a peg-rack in my sewing room.


I was in my sewing room doing some embroidery the other day and I saw this large tote bag that has been hanging in my sewing for a long time. So…I decided to embroider me some sweet little Yorkies on that large bag.


…and I love how it turned out!!

Until next time…. blessings from me to you. ~Cindy