~Wanting More White in the Living Room~

Before our trip to Tennessee…my sister and I went out junking to a few of our favorite junk/thrift shops. Right when I walked into the store…I saw this beautiful large white pitcher and it said it had to come home with me. Cost $5.00…someone made it and it was signed on the bottom.


I have it displayed on a stand by the front door and it looks very  pretty in the evening with the lights in it.


I’m still working on things in the living room.


My little Yorkie, Chloe…loves the old cart. When I can’t find her, I now know to look under the cart. I think she thinks that she is hiding…but it seems to be her favorite place right now.


I’m still working on changing some things out in our living room. I really want more white in our living room. So I’ll be trying to work on that over the summer. Hope to find some white goodies at the Endless Yard Sale.


I loved the white pitchers on the tavern shelf…but my hubby put up a shelf in the kitchen for my white pitcher collection and they looks great in there.

I also really like the white quilt and the white farm sign in my dining room.


Think I’ll go thru some of my magazines and favorite blogs to get some white ideas for my living room.

Until next time…..blessings from me to you. ~Cindy


4 responses to “~Wanting More White in the Living Room~

  • Jann Olson

    Cindy, love your new pitcher find! The cutie under the cart made me smile. Everything you do looks warm and cozy. Love, love that quilt!

  • Judy Clark

    Love your new pitcher. I love anything in white – especially dishes of any shape. Your Living Room looks great.


  • kelly

    Your new pitcher is so pretty! I think you will enjoy adding more white to your living room. Don’t forget white paint! It’s always an inexpensive way to add it. Your little doggie is so cute under your coffee table. I think they like small spaces to feel secure. Our dog likes to get under my bed sometimes.

  • Carol Cook

    Everything looks lovely.

    I too have been going with white – more soothing.

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