Daily Archives: June 29, 2016

~Malking Dolls with Scarves~

Back in February…I made a doll for my blogging friend, Cheryl, for her birthday. I loved this pretty dark brown scarf that I used for her dress.


Then this month…my friend, Linda, had her birthday and I decided to make her a doll too. I used a peach scarf with black strips.


Here is a close up of her little sewing goodies that are on the doll’s dress.


Well…after making those two dolls. I decided to do a makeover on the angel doll that hangs in our dining room.


She had a cream colored dress when I got her and it is still on her. I just added the long brown scarf on her and also added a sweet pinafore and a vintage pin. So if I change my mind…I just have to take the scarf off and she is back to the cream dress.


Hoping to blog more often…now that I’m retired from doing shows. I had a yard sale last weekend…trying to get rid of left over stuff from all the shows that I did. Sadly…we only had a few people stop by our yard sale. So most of it went to the Goodwill. My niece and her husband are just starting to do shows…so we gave them our indoor booth and a friend of my daughter’s is buying our tent, because he wants to do some outdoor shows.

Now I’m looking forward to the next chapter of my life…whatever it might be.

Until next time…. blessings from me to you. ~Cindy