~More Prairie Style~

I was looking thru my Prairie Style magazines and realized that I already have several décor pieces that are perfect for this decorating style. So I thought I would show you the magazine photo décor and the my version with my décor.

~Magazine photo~ #1


~My version~#1



~Magazine version~#2


~My version~#2



~Magazine version~#3


~My version~#3

I hope to clean the top of this cart up. It has wax on it and was this way when I purchased it. if it doesn’t clean up very good. My husband is going to put some new old pieces of wood on it.


~Magazine version~#4


~My version~#4


~Magazine version~#5


~My Version~#5


I was thrilled that I was able to start getting some Prairie Style without any cost. I will be looking at the huge Flea Market in September for some new old pieces that say Prairie Style.

Hope everyone enjoy seeing the start of my Prairie Style.

Until next time…blessings from me to you…..~Cindy



















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