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~The Mountains of Tennessee~

I recently shared photos of the cabin we stayed in down in Tennessee…which is one blog post back if you missed it.

On the way home…I took several photos of the beautiful mountains.


Everything was so green and pretty.


Even the river looked green.


The rolling hills were green too.


Even the rock wall was green.


Not only were the mountains green…


…the sky was a beautiful bright blue.


It was such a pretty drive home.


It was great to get away to the Tennessee Mountains…but it is always good to see the bridge going back into Ohio and home.


Until next time…. Blessings from me to you. ~Cindy










~Cabin In The Mountains~

Just got home from spending four days in a cabin in the Tennessee Mountains. Thought I would share some photos of our trip.

This is the front of the cabin.


And this is the side view of the cabin.


We stayed at Laurel Fork Rustic Retreat.


Come on in and I’ll show you around.

This is the living room…had a picture of the furniture and I seem to have lost that photo. Yes…our Yorkie girls went with us and we put their crates in the living room for them. At bedtime…they slept at the end of our bed.


Just look up at the pretty loft. We had to block off the stairway…so that the Yorkie girls couldn’t get up there. I didn’t want them to think that they could take a jump from up there!!


We had a small kitchen and it was just perfect for the two of us.


And it was all open to the living room.

Come on down the hallway to the master bedroom…it was very pretty and cozy.


There was a chair in the corner of the bedroom with this pretty gathering on the wall.


Well…I realized that the little figures were a grandma and grandpa sitting on the self by the chair. Guess the cabin was meant for us to rent…because we are an old grandma and grandpa…LOL… Yes…my hair is white…well it is really more silver and my hubby has gray hair with a white beard.


I’ll leave you with this saying that was in the cabin.


Yes…we were lucky enough to be in the mountains for four wonderful days!!

Until next time…..Blessings from me to you.~Cindy












~Yorkie Tote Bag~

As most of you that follow my blog…you know that I love my little Yorkies.

Here is my sweet little Chloe…she smiles when I talk to her.


And this is little Zoey…who loves to look out the front window and watch what is going on outside.


A few years ago…I made this little Yorkie ornie and it hangs on a peg-rack in my sewing room.


I was in my sewing room doing some embroidery the other day and I saw this large tote bag that has been hanging in my sewing for a long time. So…I decided to embroider me some sweet little Yorkies on that large bag.


…and I love how it turned out!!

Until next time…. blessings from me to you. ~Cindy




~Now I’m Playing in the Living Room~

We had been wanting new furniture in our living room for a while now. After going to several furniture stores…we finally found some new pieces for our living room.


Got a new sofa and a chair & 1/2…but my favorite piece is the old wood cart that we got from the wood store in the little town we live in. The cart is a little beat up on the top, so my husband is going to sanded it down some and if that doesn’t work…he will put new wood pieces on it. I just love that he does wood working.

I had some rusty tin containers that I gave makeovers to…painted them silver and it gave them more of a farmhouse feel.


I really like the pieces better painted silver…than the rusty brown. They now show up much better on the black bookcases.


This next tin piece I got at Hobby Lobby. It is a huge tin candle holder and I love the farmhouse feel it has too. The milk bottles came from Hobby Lobby too.


Just had to share the pretty sunset we had last night…from my back yard.


Until next time….

Blessings from me to you.  ~Cindy

~Playing In The Dining Room~

I decided that I wanted a change in our dining room…that would give me more of a farmhouse feel.

First thing I did was paint this brown pitcher…


…to silver and I think it says farmhouse now that it is painted the silver.


Next I put the 3 tier Pottery Barn tray on a burlap runner in the dining room table.


While trying to figure out what I wanted to put in the tray…I decided to layer another runner on top of the burlap runner. Then I got thinking that I wanted to put some embroidery on the top runner with a farmhouse design.

So up to my sewing room I went to put a design on the runner…


…and I really think this rooster design says farmhouse to me.


I decided to put some of my smaller white pitchers on the 3 tier tray and added 3 burlap flowers in the middle tray.


I really like how it turn out…and says Spring to me. Even though it has been really cold here in Ohio.


Until next time…. Blessings from me to you…~Cindy






~Another Year Older~

Yes…I’m another year older!! Funny how that is…I don’t feel any older. Mr. D and I got yummy cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory a few days before my birthday and then on my birthday…we had dinner at Olive Garden. Then a few days after my birthday…my granddaughter came over to spend the day with me…she was on her Spring break from school. We watched a few Nicolas Sparks movies. It was a fun day!

A dear blogging friend sent me some wonderful birthday gifts that I just had to share with everyone. Love this rag wreath that Cheryl made…it is so pretty. I like how it looks in this old wood tray I have in our living room.


I saw this photo on Pinterest….where they hung windows in the hallway and put a wreath on one of the windows. I have several old windows and I just might do this in my hallway.

WOWW *Pinterest Photo

Cheryl also gave me this sweet little angel. Love the saying…”Let the stars remind you that you always have a friend in me”.


Thank you…dear friend for the wonderful birthday gifts.


Hope everyone has a wonderful evening.

Until next time…..blessings from me to you.  ~Cindy






~Spring Has Arrived~

This is what I saw on the first day of Spring…when I opened up the curtains.


So I decided it was time to do some Spring/Easter decorating. I really like how the corner fireplace turned out.


The rabbits are from Hobby Lobby…they were gray, but I gave them a makeover…painting them white.

This next gathering is on the console table that sits in front of the huge window in the living room. I just added a couple of little Spring pillows and put some burlap eggs in my yarn basket on one end of the table…


…and this is the gathering on the other end of the console table. The swan was a gift from a blogging friend and the beautiful nest was also a gift from another blogging friend. I made the sunflower on the rusty spring.


This next picture is on the other side of the living room. The bunny on the white ironstone plate is from a blogging friend too. The milk jugs in the wire basket was a gift from my sister for Christmas.


I even added a little bit of Spring/Easter in the dining room. I put some burlap flowers and some tiny white & chocolate eggs in my Pottery Barn 3 tier tray.


Spring is one of my favorite times of the year. Why you ask?…Because I was born on Easter Sunday many years ago. My mom loves to tease me, because she went in labor while trying to eat her Easter dinner…but had to go the hospital instead.

Just have to share this cute little shirt that I embroidered for my friend’s granddaughter for Easter…also made one for her little grandson just like this one.


Wishing everyone a Happy Easter and a wonderful Spring.

Until next time….blessings from me to you, ~Cindy