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~Loving Me Some Whites~

I have been wanting more white in my decor for a while now and for some reason was just very nervous about picking up the paint brush. Well…I finely did it and started painting some pieces white.

I’ve had these 2 wood bowls for several years…pick them up for next to nothing when a local little prim shop closed.


Well…they just were not fitting in with the farmhouse style that I’m wanting in my home. So they got a makeover and I just love how these bowls turned out. Painted them white and then distressed them with a little gel stain and some sanding.


Also painted this wood plate…it was a light orange, but I forgot to take a before photo of it.


This wooden bowl with a handle also got painted white…it was dark brown before I painted and distressed it.


Couldn’t stop there…so I painted this little box white too.


A few months ago, I painted these bandboxes…one white and the other one red. Now I’m wondering if I should paint the red one white…

BB (2)

…but I do have some touches of red in the living room.

Just ignore the blanket on the back of the sofa…I keep that there for the Yorkie girls to sleep on.


But I’m just wondering if it would look better if both of the bandboxes were white. Hmmm…what do you think?

My next big project is to paint the huge wood trunk white that we use as the coffee table in front of the sofa.

Until next time…….       farmhouse blessings, Cindy







~Crafting on a Snowy Day~

Before I get to the crafty project that I did today…thought I would let you know that I did get to the garage sale/vintage show, but it was not worth the $3.50 per person that we paid to get in. There were a few vintage booths and a few primitive booths…plus a few garage sale booths, but the rest were booths full of stuff Made In China. My daughter got a few things, but I didn’t buy anything. I did see a bunch of old jewelry pieces, but they weren’t in good enough condition for me to reuse in my necklaces.

Now for what I did today…

My sister gave me this wood pear several months ago…she found it while out thrifting.


I decided that it needed a little makeover…so my sister gave me an old newspaper she had and I went to work on covering it with clips from the newspaper.


After I got it all covered…I thought that the old newspaper still didn’t look old enough, so I rubbed some brown gel stain onto the paper…and I really liked how it turned out.


I now have another Pear to add to my collection…and for now, it is on the shelf above the sofa in the living room.


My little grandson’s birthday was today and his birthday party is on Saturday…I can’t believe that he is 4 years old…time sure goes by so quickly.  I will be working on his cake for the next couple of days and will be back soon with photos to share of his fire truck cake and cupcakes.

Until then…….        farmhouse blessings, Cindy

~Crafting and Little Decor Changes~

I’ve been busy getting goodies ready for my upcoming show at the end of September.

There will be Fall Necklaces…


And Halloween Necklaces…


There will be Fall towels with leaves…


And pumpkins…


And of course…there will be pumpkins too…


But when I’ve taken breaks from creating…I’ve been making some little decorating changes.

Change #1 was in the opening between the kitchen and dining room…..it went from this…


To this…


Change #2 was in the living room on my trunk coffee table….. it went from this…

Ac (2)

To this…


Change #3 was in my dining room…..it went from this…


To this…


Best be getting back to creating more goodies for the Fall Festival. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Until next time…….       blessings, Cindy

~A Quiet Evening~

It’s been a very quiet evening here…


The Yorkie girls got groomed today…


And their favorite thing to do after a big day…is to lay on the sofa. I have the blanket on the back of the sofa, because our little Zoey chewed a hole in the back cushion. Luckily…it was in a fold and you can’t see it and she seems to leave it alone since I’ve covered it up.


Well…before laying down, they have to get everything just right. So the pillows end up on the floor and the blanket has to be just right for nap time…and they must take the red ball to bed too.


All is good on this quiet evening!!

Until next time…….         blessings, Cindy


~Kitchen iPad Holder~

Recently, I was browsing on the Pottery Barn website and saw that they had a kitchen iPad/tablet holder for $34.50.

PBTablet(Pottery Barn)

I thought about purchasing it and then I thought about making my own version of it…but I never got around to making one.

Well…this past week, I went to my favorite craft supply store and found this in their home decor area. I was so excited to see this cutting board stand that held a candle between two old rusty nails…


because when you removed the candle holder…it makes the perfect kitchen iPad/tablet holder.


It only cost me $12.00 and looks great in my kitchen. Now I just need to figure out which one of these yummy recipes I’m going to make.

Until next time……. blessings from my farmhouse kitchen, Cindy



~My Dining Room~

I was sitting at the dining room table painting on a vintage enamel coffee pot…it’s a gift for a friend. Anyways…as I was sitting there, I thought that I should share my dining room with all of you. It has a cottage farmhouse feel to it.

D-1 (2)

I recently put my firkin/pantry buckets back out in the room…had to put them up high out of reach from my grandson when he was little. For some reason, Peyton was fascinated with them and I was worried that he would drop and maybe break one…so up high on the book shelves in the living room they went for almost 2 years.


They are sitting on a little old chair that I found at a yard sale many years ago…right next to the china cupboard, which right now holds a lot of my white pitcher collection until my hubby gets the shelf back up in the kitchen.


On the other side of the quilt is the old ironing board…were I put my new apron that was a gift from a relative in Tennessee.


A small old ladder holds some dish towels…plus there is an old glass washboard that sits in a wood basket at the bottom of the ironing board.

WB-1 (2)

On the opposite wall…that opens into the kitchen has this gathering of a rolling-pin shelf and a couple of framed prints on the left side.


On the right side of the opening to the kitchen is this peg rack that holds some of my handmade basket collection. The sun was shining in through the glass sliding doors and made the wall look pink, but it is really a soft beige/white color.


Also hanging up in the corner of the opening to the kitchen is an old farm milk scale.


Well…that is my dining room and I hope that you enjoyed seeing it.

Remember the vintage enamel coffee pot that I was painting on for a friend…here is a peek at what I painted on it. She has apples in her kitchen and she loves gingerbread men…so I’m hoping that she likes it.


Until next time………         ~Cindy

~Some Farmhouse Style Changes~

I’ve been puttering around the house and changing some things to get that farmhouse style that I love. This is the little side table that I had upstairs at the end of the hallway and it just wasn’t saying farmhouse to me.


So for the last several months, I’ve been looking for a chest of drawers with great farmhouse style and I finally found what I looking for at HomeGoods. I love the red and blue drawers with the white and the dark top.


I also got around to painting this gold star on the cow bell.


I painted it white and I’m liking it much better now.


I just realized as I was looking at these photos…that I’ve been adding more red and aqua with my whites.


Those colors are in the quilt that is hanging in my dining room too.

PrimAngel (2)

Oh yes… I’m loving these colors in my farmhouse decor.


Until next time…….         blessings, Cindy