~Touches of Blue~

Our master bedroom has been painted blue for many years and when we put in our new kitchen recently…I painted the walls in there a very soft blue. But here lately…I have been adding more touches of blue into my decorating decor.

~Touches of Blue in the Living Room~







~Touches of Blue in the Hallway and Master Bedroom~





~Touches of Blue in the Dining Room~




~Touches of Blue in the Kitchen~




K-3 (3)

Hope you enjoyed seeing the touches of blue from around my home. I’m thinking I might have to do a post on all the white touches around my home next.

Until next time…….       Blessings from me to you, Cindy






~A Few Little Changes in the Kitchen~

Last week…my sister and I went to our favorite shop’s sidewalk sale and I found a couple of things that made me do a few little changes in my kitchen.

First let me show you what this area in my kitchen looked like.

K-4 (2)

If you look over to the left…there is a bird on a decorative candlestick that is under an old milk scale.


While at the sidewalk sale…I found this brown watering can on clearance and thought that it might look really good sitting under the old milk scale.


Not sure if I’m going to keep it brown or paint it white. I would really like to have some more white in the kitchen. You can’t tell in this photo, but the walls in the kitchen are a soft aqua.


The other change is to the countertop area above the dishwasher. This is what it looked liked before I went to the sidewalk sale. I have the huge old white scale and a large old butter churn on display there.

K-1 (4)

I was so excited when I saw this little butter churn at the shop’s sidewalk sale. Even though this small one is a reproduction…the price was too good to pass it up.


I also picked up a sewing sign for my sewing/craft room…but will share that on another post soon. I will be spending a lot of time in there here soon…got to get busy and put embroidery on some kitchen towels for my upcoming shows.


Also need to get some necklaces made for the shows too.


So if I missing for a while…you will be able to find me here in my creative place.


Until next time……. blessings from me to you, Cindy





~Dining Room~

Thought I would share my dining room…since I’ve never really shown the whole room in a post before.

This picture was taken a couple of years ago…when we first put up the jar chandelier.

D-1 (2)

Then I found the blue mason jars…love them!


My hubby made the quilt rack for me many years ago…and the first quilt that started me collecting old quilts hangs from it.


To the left of the quilt is my firkin’ collection with a Santos Cage Angel…they are sitting on an small vintage chair/bench that I found at a yard sale.


Which is right beside the China Cupboard from Ikea…that holds my grandmother’s pear collection.


Close-up of the top of the cupboard.


Now…let’s go to the right of the quilt.

This is where the old jeweler’s cupboard sits…that has my jewelry making supplies in it. This was a family piece that was giving to me by my mother-in-law…it belonged to my husband’s grandfather. He was a jeweler for many years…and I have his jeweler tools too.


Then to the right of the jeweler cupboard is an old ironing board with an apron made from vintage fabric…it was a gift made by a family member down in Tennessee.


Now for what is on the wall across from the quilt…straight across is the opening into the kitchen.


To the left on the wall in the dining room is a rolling pin shelf that was made by a follow blogger.


And to the right on the wall is a vintage peg rack…next to this on the back wall is the glass siding doors that go out to the back yard.


Hope you enjoyed seeing my dining room.

Until next time…….        blessings from me to you, Cindy









~Just A Little Patriotic Decor~

I don’t have a lot of patriotic decor, but what I do have is from a swap I did a few years ago with a blogging friend. She made me the cutest patriotic banner…and I hung it on the quilt in the dining room with my old prim angel.


The rest of the patriotic decor that I have is displayed on my corner fireplace.


The dress form is wearing one of my necklaces that I made with red & blue beads and some stars hanging down…


Added a tiny flag and a heart pillow tuck to the old tin scoop…


Added a flag pillow tuck that says “Old Glory” on it into the wire basket with the birds…


Place a quilted pillow on the mantel top…plus another heart pillow tuck into the white pitcher…


I will leave this out on display thru the weekend…or maybe just a bit longer…


Fireworks are here on the 3th and we are going with our kids and grandkids to see them. We get to park in the parking lot of where our youngest daughter works…and it is one of the best places around here to see the fireworks.

Hope everyone has a safe and wonderful 4th of July!!

Until next time…….       farmhouse blessings for me to you, ~Cindy




~Vintage Bunny and Downton Abbey Curtains~

This past week has been a busy one…signed up for a Fall show that is at one of my favorite local shops in September.


Picked up new fencing for the back yard.


Made a friend her birthday gift. She loves bunnies/rabbits…so this was perfect for her and she loved it.


Isn’t this silver little bunny just the cutest little thing nestled in the flowers.


Got a call about maybe getting a big embroidery job…hoping that it works out and I get the job.


Found some curtains for the kitchen window from my favorite shop. So glad to find some…haven’t had any curtains up in there since we remodeled the kitchen.


I picked out these curtains from a display rack…got them because I loved the soft brown ticking and the cream ruffles…and they were only $24.00.


When the shop owner handed me a valance that was still in the package…I got a big surprise. They were Downton Abbey curtains!! Now I’ve been trying to figure out if I’ve seen these on the show.


Hope everyone has had a great week so far…I’ll be back soon to share some goodies that I’ve been working on.

Until then………   farmhouse blessings from me to you,  Cindy





~Thrifting And Shopping With My Sister~

My sister had been gone visiting her youngest daughter and granddaughters in Mississippi for about a month and a half. So we decided to get together and go do a little thrifting and shopping since she is now home. We had a fun day…She found some pretty white curtains for her dining room at a thrift shop and then we discovered a new antique mall.

This booth had so many pretty things in aqua and  my sister found a little aqua stoneware bowl. I would have gotten it if she hadn’t picked it up first. Sorry…I forgot to get a photo of it.


And this booth had lots of great goodies in aqua too. Loved the little step-ladder…so cute!!


Of course, this next booth caught my eye with the jewelry pieces and vintage items.


We didn’t have time to go thru the whole place…there was over 200 booths. We are planning to go back in a couple of weeks…so we can take our time to go thru the whole place.

In the same shopping plaza…we found a country/vintage shop and I got this sweet little fabric shoe with greenery and raspberries displayed in it.


Just love the lace shoestring.


I decided to display it on my corner fireplace with the dress form.


Here is a close up of the other side of the corner fireplace. The bird pillows were from a giveaway that I won a few years ago over at Brenda’s blog…The Rusty Thimble.


Tomorrow you will find me in my sewing/crafting room…it is only 3 months until my first show of the upcoming Fall season. So lots of new goodies to share with all of you soon.

Until next time…….         farmhouse blessing from me to you,  Cindy









~Vintage Doily Dress Form~

Many years ago, when I had my shop in the small tourist town that we lived in…I purchased some dress forms from a shop that was going out of business.  I got 3 wicker bust forms and 1 very old large dress form. I used them at my shows for many years after I closed my shop…but over the years, the fabric on the large form is now falling apart. I had hope to redo the fabric and display her in my sewing/craft room. However…she is just too large to be displayed in there as the room is just too small. So for now, she is stored away.

Well…I had a gift card to Pier One and look at what I found there this past weekend…a small dress form that will fit in my sewing/craft room.


And a month or so ago…I found 6 bags of doilies at a thrift store that were only a $1.00 per bag.


There ended up being over 50 doilies total and I only spent $6.00 total…they sure were a great find.


So I decided to give my new dress form a transformation…and I love how it turned out.


I couldn’t bring myself to put her upstairs into my sewing/craft room just yet…so she is displayed on top of the corner fireplace in the living room for now.


Thinking that I will leave her here thru the Summer months.

Also wanted to let you all know that I will be spotlighted tomorrow over at Susan’s blog “Must Love Junk” for the Saturday Spotlight…Life Behind the Blogger series. Hope you will go over and check it out. You might learn some things you didn’t already know about me.


Until next time…….       blessings, Cindy















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