~Crafting and A Trip to the Flea Market~

I’ve been so busy…

I made a Fall table runner for my mother…have an embroidery job for a local jewelry store that I need to finish up putting their logo on some shirts…and I’ve been crocheting more ruffled scarves to replace that ones that I sold at my last show.


But I took a break today and went to the Flea Market Extravaganza here in town out at the fairgrounds. They do this show twice a year…in the Spring and then again in the Fall. My favorite part of this show is the Vintage Market Place…

I loved this dress form and the necklaces that were on it…might just have to decorate my dress form with some necklaces like this one.


Also loved the white pumpkin that is sitting on this white cupboard…it was made out of a white chenille bedspread. I have some white chenille that a blogging friend gave me, so I know that I will be making me one of these pumpkins and I think that I might have to put some bling on mine.


There was a lot of Fall goodies at the show and the weather was great…it was in the upper 60’s to the low 70’s with a cool breeze and it felt like a perfect Fall day.


I only purchased a couple of little things…

I couldn’t pass up this little aqua pumpkin…just love it!!


It was made out of a Jello mold…it’s stem is a sewing spool and it also has buttons, paper flowers and a leaf on it. I have it displayed with a ticking pumpkin that I got last year at a show that I did.


The only other think I purchased was a bag of old buttons to use in making my Vintage Style Necklaces. Can’t wait to use some of them.


Well…I’m off to get some rest…the flea market was huge this year, so we did a lot of walking and my feet and legs are really not liking me right now. All the walking has flared up my restless leg syndrome…so I have a feeling that it might be a long time, plus it looks like we have a thunderstorm heading our way too.

Until next time…….          blessings, Cindy









~Fall Festival Show and Trip to the Zoo~

Oh my…where do I begin! I have been so busy that I don’t know if I’m coming or going.

I just did my first Fall show of the season…and I forgot to take any photos of my booth. The show was at Homespun Blessings, which is a local prim/primitive shop…and there was 12 booths outside on the lawn of the shop. This was my second year doing this show and I had another great year there.


Now to share some photos of our trip to the Columbus Zoo, while we were on our vacation for our 35th wedding anniversary.

Remember me sharing this photo of my grandson making friends with this bear at the zoo.


Well……when we went to the zoo, he wasn’t meeting any new friends. It was nap time!!


But I think that I might of gotten a new boyfriend….he wouldn’t take is eyes of me!! So I just started talking to him and he sure was listening to everything I said. He was so adorable!!


My favorite thing that I did while at the zoo was when we went to see the giraffes.


See the baby giraffe near its mama…she is 10 feet tall and I got to feed her.  It was one of the coolest things that I’ve ever done.


Well…my next show is in 3 weeks……so I will be spending some time in my crafting/sewing room.


And I’ll be making some more necklaces…



and other creations to take to the next show in 3 weeks.


Until next time…..          blessings, Cindy











~Trip to Amish Country~

Yes…..I have been away from my blog for just over a week, while my hubby and I took a weeks vacation for our 35th anniversary. We visited with family that was up here visiting from Tennessee and did some thrifting & some junking earlier in the week. I didn’t find anything that said it had to come home with me, which is okay with me as I still had fun looking.

We also went computer shopping for a new laptop for me…my old one has been acting up, so that was another reason why I wasn’t blogging. I felt lost without my laptop, but it was good that I could keep up with visiting everyone’s blogs on my iPad. I’m still learning my way around my new laptop, but I think I’m getting the hang of it.

Then on Thursday…we headed up to Amish Country.


And as it turned out…a fellow blogger, Angela from “Thru Nana’s Window” was up there on vacation with her husband from Georgia. We met up with them for lunch at the Farmstead Restaurant. Had a great time visiting with Angela and Jamie…both of our husbands are woodworkers and she makes goodies for their show too.


We surprised each other with goodie bags…and did she ever spoil me! I just love this Fall boot that she made..it has a fabric sunflower, a fabric pumpkin, and some Indian corn tuck in it. When I first put it on the shelf…little Zoey barked and barked at it. So I let her smell it…thought she was okay with it and as soon as I put it back on the shelf…she barked and barked!! Thank goodness she finally stopped barking and I’m pretty sure my laughing didn’t help. LOL…


And I just love these tiny little pumpkins that she made…they are so adorable and perfect for my little mouse on the ironstone saucer.


The Halloween cones that she gave me…ended up in my daughter’s room. She loves decorating for Halloween…so I decided I could share these with her.


Thanks Angela for the wonderful Fall goodies…and I hope that you are enjoying your bracelet that I made.

Oh…I almost forgot to show you what I got in Amish Country. Some new interchangeable snaps for my necklace that I got from our local country/vintage shop here in town. The shop I got these at in Amish Country had a lot of different ones that our local shop here in town didn’t carry. It is so fun to change these depending on what I’m wearing.


Oh…on our way home, we past the Longaberger Company’s headquarters and I thought that you might like to see it. Yes…the building looks like a giant basket!


I’ll leave you with these last two photos that Angela sent me from a shop they visited.


Wow…what an awesome collection of toy sewing machines. I just might have to frame these two photos and hang them in my sewing room.


Well…it is time for me to head up to the sewing room. I need to finish a few things up for my show that is this coming Saturday. Hope everyone has a great week and I’ll be back soon to show you what we did at the end of our weeks vacation.

Until next time…….       blessings, Cindy








~Happy Anniversary to Us~

Today is our 35th wedding anniversary. It seems just like yesterday that we said…I do.


The years have gone by so quickly and I have loved every minute of it with my hubby by my side.


Hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend. It is always a special weekend to us.

Until next time…….       blessings, Cindy


~Mason Jar Necklaces for Sale~

I’ve had a lot of interest about the mason jar necklaces that I made for my upcoming Fall show in a couple of weeks.


I just finished up making 24 of them yesterday and have listed 4 of them in my blog shop for those who are interested in purchasing one.

Here are the four necklaces that are up for sale…..

~small mason jar with knife necklace~


~small mason jar with fork necklace~


~large mason jar with heart spoon necklace~

MJN-13 (Sold)

~large mason jar with flower spoon necklace~

MJN-14 (Sold)

If you anyone is interested in purchasing one…just click on ~Cynthia lee Designs..My Shop~ at the top of my blog. Info for sizes and pricing are in my shop.

Between family and Facebook friends…I have sold some already. So glad that I made 24 of them and will be making more for my other Fall show in October and then more for my big Christmas show in November. If these 4 necklaces sell here online…I will list more of them.

Until next time…….       blessings, Cindy

~Farmhouse Sinks, Facets, and Necklace Winner~

Hope everyone had a great weekend. We went out shopping to see what was out there in the way of Farmhouse sinks….because we are getting ready to remodel our hall bathroom and the little half bathroom in our master bedroom. Thought I would share some photos of what I liked the best.

Love this white sink for the hall bathroom, but it is just a little too big to fit into the space. So hoping that it comes in a little smaller size.


Thought this one says Farmhouse for sure…but I would want a different color countertop on it.


This next sink comes in 2 different sizes…so we could get the large one for the hall bathroom and the small size for our 1/2 bathroom. Love this large Trough sink with some storage underneath it…just not sure about the dark brown. We need to see if it comes in white or maybe light gray like the one in the above photo.


Here are the 2 faucets that I liked and thought that they had a great farmhouse feel to them.


Two different looks…and I’m not sure which one I like the best.


I’ll share with you what we end up getting…and will share photos as we redo the 2 bathrooms.

Okay Mommy…get on with telling your blogging friends who won that pretty Mason Jar Necklace. Yep…Zoey was being my little helper with this post…except she kept closing the lid to my laptop!! LOL…


Thanks to all who signed up for the giveaway…sure wish I could give all of you one.  I wrote everyone’s name on paper and then cut them into stripes…and then put them in a bowl…and had my daughter reach in and pick the winner.


Congrats to Cheryl…she is the winner of this Mason Jar Necklace.


Since first posting the photos of the necklaces…I have added some beads that look like mason jar glass. So this is what Cheryl’s necklaces looks like now.


Congrats again Cheryl…I will be emailing you.

Until next time…….        farmhouse blessings, Cindy




~Mason Jar Necklaces~

A few post back…I shared this photo and ask if anyone knew what kind of necklaces I was making with these supplies?


Yes…I’ve been very busy making 21 “Mason Jar Necklaces” for my upcoming show in 3 1/2 weeks and then another show 3 weeks after the first one. I will also be making 24 more of these necklaces to take to my big Christmas show in November.

MJN-5 #4-fork

I really love how they turned out.


And I want to give one of these little “Mason Jar Necklaces” to one of my blogging girl friends…but wishing I could give all of you one.


All you have to do is leave me a comment with the number of the necklace that you like the best. The numbers are down at the bottom side of the photos.


There are 4 different ones and the little flatware pieces dangle down…and do move so that you can see the Ball label and the rhinestone berries.


I hand painted these little wood jars and it sure brought back memories of when I hand painted hundreds of miniature pieces back in the 1980″s for my shows…that were turned into button covers, pins, or earrings.

Well…I’m off to finish up putting on the little rhinestones on the rest of the necklaces.

Good Luck everyone…I will announce the winner at the beginning of next week. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

blessings, Cindy



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