~A Fall Day at the Park~

I think we are having a touch of Indian Summer here. It has been in the mid to upper 70’s the last few days. So we decided yesterday to go to the park…which is only 10 to 15 minutes from where we live and the crazy thing is that we haven’t gone over there in years, but we’ve decided to try to go hiking there more often.

As you first enter the park…you will see the huge main house and then the old barn.


We decided to drive down to the lower area of the park…where we would start our hike and we passed the lake on our way down there. We still have some pretty Fall colors here, even though we are just past peak with the colors.


Not long into our walk…we spotted this beautiful mushroom.


We walked up the hiking trail to the Falls, but when we got up there… there was no water was running thru there at all. So we hiked down towards the lake and it was really pretty peaking thru the trees.


We had a wonderful walk in the park and are hoping that we might get a few more hikes in before the cold weather sets back in here in Ohio.

Happy Fall Y’all…


Until next time…..

blessings from me to you…     ~Cindy



~Feeling Blessed~


Our blogging friend, Carol…from “Art and Sand” had a giveaway and I was one of her giveaway winners of one of the awesome banners that she makes. We got to pick out the word we would like on our banner and the word I picked for my banner was “Blessed”.


Thank you, Carol…I love the banner and it looks great on the quilt in the dining room.

I”m feeling so blessed to see such beautiful Fall colors this past week…before the storm takes all the leaves off of the trees.


I feel so blessed to have my two Yorkie girls that brings me lots of joy…


and kept me company while my hubby was gone on a trip for work…even if they can be a little rotten sometimes,  but Oh So Cute!


Feeling blessed as I went outside onto the front porch to remove what I thought was a leave sticking to our front widow screen.


As I went to pick the leaf off of the window…I realized that it was not a leaf, but a beautiful orange leaf moth.


Yes…feeling blessed today.


Blessings from me to you….     Until next time, Cindy








~It’s Been a Crazy Busy Week~

Wow…has it been a busy week. At the beginning of the week, we had to get my hubby all ready to fly out on a work trip and as I’m typing this…Me and the Yorkie girls are waiting for him to get home.


I did a little Fall decorating this week, but have removed a few things from corner fireplace…there was just too much on it. I wanted a more simple look. I’ll share the changes on my next post.


Also spent some time in my sewing room…


…putting embroidery on a cheerleaders jacket.


Spent one day…making jewelry with my sister for my upcoming Christmas show at the end of November. My oldest daughter and my grandkids came over yesterday to visit me.

We had some rain this week…and there was a beautiful rainbow that I could see in my backyard.



It has been a fun week, but I sure glad that my hubby is on his way home now.

Hope everyone has a great week. Blessing from me to you…….       Cindy


~And Down They Came~

There was a lot of noise around our home last week. We had four dead Ash Trees in our yard and had them cut down. They started with the big tree out back…


Had a little problem when this tree came down. The workers accidentally cut our internet and cable TV line. They were wonderful about getting someone out the next day to get it fixed.

This next photo is of the huge tree that was out front…by the time I took the picture, they had already cut a lot of the limbs off.


They put the ropes up in the tree and attached the ropes to the back of their truck and then drove the truck forward to pull the tree down.


It sure was a big bomb when the tree hit the ground!!


They put a rubber trash can over our lamp-post to protect it. I thought for sure the tree was going to take it down when the tree came falling down…but it just missed it. They weren’t worried, but I sure was!


Just couldn’t believe how big this tree trunk was…4 feet wide.

I was really sad to see these trees go, but they had to come down since they were dead. All the Ash trees in our neighborhood are dead…it is so sad that the Ash Borer Beetle has killed all of them. We have heard that there will be no more live Ash trees in the state of Ohio within the next year.

We will be planting a new tree in the front yard next Spring…thinking about a Bradford Pear tree. We don’t need to plant a new one in the backyard…we have a beautiful Maple tree out there already and it should be starting to show it’s pretty Fall colors here soon.

Had my show on this past Sunday…it was a very cold and windy day!!


This is the only photo that I took, because right after getting my booth  set up…we  got a huge gust of wind and it knocked a back drop board into my displays and one of my tables fell over and merchandise went everywhere…down to the ground!! Luckily…nothing broke and several ladies that were in the booth helped my sister and I get things back into place. Despite the wind…I did have a great show.

Now to get ready for my big Christmas show that is in 7 weeks.

Until next time…….       blessings from me to you, Cindy





~Oktoberfest is 5 Days Away~


I’ve been away from my blog for a little bit…there is a lot going on in our lives right now.

My father-in-law’s health has taken a turn downhill and he is now very weak. We have been going up to my in-laws home as much as we can to help out…they live an hour away from us. Our whole family has put many things into place to help him to be able to stay in their home with my mother-in-law for a while longer. Then yesterday…we got a phone call letting us know that our brother-in-law’s brother had a massive heart attack while they were out hunting in the woods yesterday. Haven’t heard any updates yet, but I’m sure praying that he will be okay.

Plus my youngest daughter and my sister have had the flu for the last few days…and I had been around both of them. So hoping that I don’t get it as my next show is only 5 days away. I’ve been spending every moment at home on making new necklaces to replace some that sold at the last show.




I still have more necklaces to finish up. Plus…I’ve also been crocheting some ruffled scarves to replace some that I sold at the last show and little Zoey thought she should model it for you.


It is very gloomy looking outside today…like it could rain at any minute, but not a drop of rain yet. The rain seems to all be North East of us. Since there is no sun today…I decided to turn on a few lights.

Living Room…had to pull the blind down to get a good picture of it. Just order this farmhouse style light last week…from LTD Commodities for only $19.00.


Kitchen Light….had this rooster light in my kitchen for years.


Another Kitchen Light…got these little mason jar lights a few years ago from a local shop and I just love the look of them.


Well…it is back to making necklaces for the show.

Until next time…….       farmhouse blessings from me to you, Cindy





~Crafting and A Trip to the Flea Market~

I’ve been so busy…

I made a Fall table runner for my mother…have an embroidery job for a local jewelry store that I need to finish up putting their logo on some shirts…and I’ve been crocheting more ruffled scarves to replace that ones that I sold at my last show.


But I took a break today and went to the Flea Market Extravaganza here in town out at the fairgrounds. They do this show twice a year…in the Spring and then again in the Fall. My favorite part of this show is the Vintage Market Place…

I loved this dress form and the necklaces that were on it…might just have to decorate my dress form with some necklaces like this one.


Also loved the white pumpkin that is sitting on this white cupboard…it was made out of a white chenille bedspread. I have some white chenille that a blogging friend gave me, so I know that I will be making me one of these pumpkins and I think that I might have to put some bling on mine.


There was a lot of Fall goodies at the show and the weather was great…it was in the upper 60’s to the low 70’s with a cool breeze and it felt like a perfect Fall day.


I only purchased a couple of little things…

I couldn’t pass up this little aqua pumpkin…just love it!!


It was made out of a Jello mold…it’s stem is a sewing spool and it also has buttons, paper flowers and a leaf on it. I have it displayed with a ticking pumpkin that I got last year at a show that I did.


The only other think I purchased was a bag of old buttons to use in making my Vintage Style Necklaces. Can’t wait to use some of them.


Well…I’m off to get some rest…the flea market was huge this year, so we did a lot of walking and my feet and legs are really not liking me right now. All the walking has flared up my restless leg syndrome…so I have a feeling that it might be a long time, plus it looks like we have a thunderstorm heading our way too.

Until next time…….          blessings, Cindy









~Fall Festival Show and Trip to the Zoo~

Oh my…where do I begin! I have been so busy that I don’t know if I’m coming or going.

I just did my first Fall show of the season…and I forgot to take any photos of my booth. The show was at Homespun Blessings, which is a local prim/primitive shop…and there was 12 booths outside on the lawn of the shop. This was my second year doing this show and I had another great year there.


Now to share some photos of our trip to the Columbus Zoo, while we were on our vacation for our 35th wedding anniversary.

Remember me sharing this photo of my grandson making friends with this bear at the zoo.


Well……when we went to the zoo, he wasn’t meeting any new friends. It was nap time!!


But I think that I might of gotten a new boyfriend….he wouldn’t take is eyes of me!! So I just started talking to him and he sure was listening to everything I said. He was so adorable!!


My favorite thing that I did while at the zoo was when we went to see the giraffes.


See the baby giraffe near its mama…she is 10 feet tall and I got to feed her.  It was one of the coolest things that I’ve ever done.


Well…my next show is in 3 weeks……so I will be spending some time in my crafting/sewing room.


And I’ll be making some more necklaces…



and other creations to take to the next show in 3 weeks.


Until next time…..          blessings, Cindy












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