~Mason Jar Necklaces~

A few post back…I shared this photo and ask if anyone knew what kind of necklaces I was making with these supplies?


Yes…I’ve been very busy making 21 “Mason Jar Necklaces” for my upcoming show in 3 1/2 weeks and then another show 3 weeks after the first one. I will also be making 24 more of these necklaces to take to my big Christmas show in November.

MJN-5 #4-fork

I really love how they turned out.


And I want to give one of these little “Mason Jar Necklaces” to one of my blogging girl friends…but wishing I could give all of you one.


All you have to do is leave me a comment with the number of the necklace that you like the best. The numbers are down at the bottom side of the photos.


There are 4 different ones and the little flatware pieces dangle down…and do move so that you can see the Ball label and the rhinestone berries.


I hand painted these little wood jars and it sure brought back memories of when I hand painted hundreds of miniature pieces back in the 1980″s for my shows…that were turned into button covers, pins, or earrings.

Well…I’m off to finish up putting on the little rhinestones on the rest of the necklaces.

Good Luck everyone…I will announce the winner at the beginning of next week. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

blessings, Cindy


~Making Friends~

Just had to share this with my blogging friends….

Last weekend, my daughter and son-in-law took the grandkids to the zoo….and I’m going to let the pictures tell the story of how my little grandson made a new friend.






I think this is one of the cutest things I’ve seen. So wishing that I could see the look on my grandson face…I’m sure it was pure joy!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

blessings, Cindy

~The Endless Yard Sale and More~

My sister and I didn’t go to The Endless Yard Sale on Thursday…she wasn’t feeling well. So my hubby and I went on Saturday…and I was very disappointed with it this year. There just wasn’t as many vendors this year…and part of 127 was closed down, so we had to take a detour a ways out into the countryside to get back onto it.


I have to say that the weather was great with a nice breeze on Saturday and the views of the lake at our last stop was beautiful.



I found these vintage pins at a couple different places…they will be going on some tote-bags that I’m making for my upcoming shows.  I’ll share pictures of the bags when I get them done.


The only other thing I got was an old sewing spool with wool thread on it…I have it on display in my sewing room.

One of the things I was hoping to find at The Endless Yard Sale was an old chest-of drawers, since I gave my youngest daughter  the one that was in my sewing room…it was in her nursery when she was baby. I didn’t find one, so on Sunday…we made a trip to our local antique mall and I found this piece for my sewing/craft room.


The vendor just happened to be in his booth and heard me say that I thought this was the one I wanted for my room. He said…I’ll even give it to you for a better price and I thought that the price he had on it was already good. So I said…Yes, we will take it!! When we got home…we found this tag on the back of the piece.


I think it was meant to be…our last name is Davis. Not to mention that I really love this piece.

Until next time…….         blessings, Cindy




~Sometimes Things Don’t Go As Planned~

As I sit here tonight typing this post…


I realized that nothing went as planned last week. At the beginning of the week…things had started out okay and I did put some embroidery on kitchen towels. Then it all changed…

My youngest daughter decided to sell some of her bedroom furniture and ask me if she could have an old chest of drawers that was in my sewing/craft room. It was a gift from my mother-in-law to me to put in her nursery over 27 years ago and I have been using it in my sewing room for several years now. But being a good mom…I said yes that she could have it now, but if she ever changed her mind…it had to come back home. So instead of getting a lot of sewing and jewelry making done…I had to figure out where to put everything that I took out of the chest of drawers. Went shopping to several stores to see if I could find a replacement, but no luck so far and everything that was in the drawers are now in brown shopping bags sitting on the floor in my sewing/craft room…it is a mess in there!!

I’m hoping to find one at The Endless Yard Sale…which starts on this coming Thursday.


I can’t wait…my sister and I are heading out on Thursday to shop until we drop and then I’m going out again on Saturday with my hubby.

Here is a couple of sneak peaks of the necklaces that my sister and I are working on…it is so great to have her helping me. Sometimes I think we do more laughing than jewelry making.


Can you guess what kind of necklaces I’m making with these supplies in the below photo…?


Stay tune…because I planned to have a giveaway when I get these done.

Hope this week goes as planned.  Until next time….       blessings, Cindy




~Busy, Busy…6 Weeks Until My First Fall Show~

My show season will be here before I know it…so I spent most of the day in my sewing/craft room planning and working on things for my two upcoming Fall shows.


Little Zoey was so happy when I decided to take a break and sit in the recliner for a bit.


I stopped by the thrift store yesterday to look for a glass dome for one of the vintage pieces that I’m making for my shows. I did find the glass dome…


…and I also found a beautiful blue and white pitcher.


When my daughter saw the new pitcher that I got…she said that I needed this white ribbon with blue polka-dots on it that she had found in her craft supplies. So I decided to make it into a slash for my dress-form and added a piece of jewelry to it. Thinking I will keep it on there thru the end of Summer.


I’ll share some of the jewelry pieces that I’m making on my next post.


Until next time…….         blessings, Cindy

~Touches of Blue~

Our master bedroom has been painted blue for many years and when we put in our new kitchen recently…I painted the walls in there a very soft blue. But here lately…I have been adding more touches of blue into my decorating decor.

~Touches of Blue in the Living Room~







~Touches of Blue in the Hallway and Master Bedroom~





~Touches of Blue in the Dining Room~




~Touches of Blue in the Kitchen~




K-3 (3)

Hope you enjoyed seeing the touches of blue from around my home. I’m thinking I might have to do a post on all the white touches around my home next.

Until next time…….       Blessings from me to you, Cindy






~A Few Little Changes in the Kitchen~

Last week…my sister and I went to our favorite shop’s sidewalk sale and I found a couple of things that made me do a few little changes in my kitchen.

First let me show you what this area in my kitchen looked like.

K-4 (2)

If you look over to the left…there is a bird on a decorative candlestick that is under an old milk scale.


While at the sidewalk sale…I found this brown watering can on clearance and thought that it might look really good sitting under the old milk scale.


Not sure if I’m going to keep it brown or paint it white. I would really like to have some more white in the kitchen. You can’t tell in this photo, but the walls in the kitchen are a soft aqua.


The other change is to the countertop area above the dishwasher. This is what it looked liked before I went to the sidewalk sale. I have the huge old white scale and a large old butter churn on display there.

K-1 (4)

I was so excited when I saw this little butter churn at the shop’s sidewalk sale. Even though this small one is a reproduction…the price was too good to pass it up.


I also picked up a sewing sign for my sewing/craft room…but will share that on another post soon. I will be spending a lot of time in there here soon…got to get busy and put embroidery on some kitchen towels for my upcoming shows.


Also need to get some necklaces made for the shows too.


So if I missing for a while…you will be able to find me here in my creative place.


Until next time……. blessings from me to you, Cindy






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